Trip Report: First Time on Alaska (Phoenix to Seattle)

Hello IFC:

I bring back another trip report today but today this trip report is on an airline I have never have flown until today, October 28th. This trip report is on Alaska Airlines with serivce from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to Seattle Tacoma International Airport. On todays flight, the airctaft of choice is a Boeing 737-900ER registered N495AS. Today’s flight number is AS923 and our gate is Terminal 3, gate E4. Along with the gate information, my seat for this early mroning flight is seat 7C, an asile seat in Alaska’s Prenium Economy. I was originally in row 18 but it was a cheap 29 bucks to upgrade for the 3 hour flight and the exra legroom was welcomed. Teminal 3 is Phoneix’s newest terminal after a revamp and all the other airlines fly out of that terminal. Alaska, United, Delta and Frontier are some of the airlines that fly out of Terminal 3. If you are a Phoenix native and havent flown out of Terminal 3, I highly recommed so. It has to be one of the cleanest and most modern terminals I have ever been to. Anywho, lets get into this trip report.

The day started bright and early for me as I had to get up around 4am to get ready to leave my friends house so I can get to the airport on time. After getting ready, we leave his house ontime at 430am and drive down “THE 51” to the airport. Upon getting to the airport at 445a, we parked in the west economy parking lot and walked to Terminal 3. It was a brisk morning with it being a cool 45 degrees but we werent outisde for long and before we knew it, we were in line to go thorugh security. At 5a, I got through security and walked to my gate, gate E4. I didnt have to wait all that long before boading started. Fun Fact: Alaksa boards back to front but if you are in first class or in premium cabin you board first. At 0540, I was on the plane and in my seat, 7C. At 605a, 10 minutes before scheduled departure time, we pushed from the gate and taxied to runway 7L. At 618a, we thundered into the morning sky and we were on our way to Seattle.

At 645a, a very light snack was serverd cosisting of a few drinks and a snack mix. My drink of choice for this flight, good ole Sprite. Not much happned for the new two and a half hours as I just slept and listen to some music to keep my mind calm and collected. About 25 minutes from landing, we started our decent into Seattle and at 1 minute till 10a (959a). we landed on Seattle’s 16R. 13 minutes later, we taxied to the gate and parked at gate D1. Deplaning was quick and efficent as I had a seat up in premium economy. Once I got off the plane, I went to my next gate, C10F and decided to get some Starbucks to wake me up.

Overall, I think Alaska Airlines as some of the best costumer service in the airline industry and the hype flying Alaksa is a real one. I would defintetly recommend them to anyone who does alot of flying on the west coast of the United States.

Here are some scores of the flight:

Crew: 9/10

IFE:7/10 (I slept and listen to music)

Plane: 8/10

Service (Snack and drink): 9/10

Overall: 8.5/10

Stay tuned for two more flight reports on Alaska/Horizon Air


I saw that registration and went:

Wait… I know this reg

Turns out it was very similar to this users name : @N475AS

Lol nvm nice report!

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Yep, that’s definitely Seattle :)

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That’s America my friend we’ve all got too much coffee 😂

There is an incredible amount of Starbucks there though, when i was there the guy at the Boeing factory tour made a joke that the factory was probably the largest area in the greater Seattle area without a Starbucks and it’s probably true you guys have way too many 😂


Yes yes, it is truly crazy how many there are in that city.


I mean, is it Seattle without going to a Starbucks? haha

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Are you visiting? if so you should definitely got to Beechers and get their mac n cheese in Pikes Place market, or in the C gates


I was in Seattle all for about an hour. This was on Wednesday and just now having time to post. I have two more trip reports to post so stay tuned for those.

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