Trip Report: Fiji - Sydney

A couple days ago I decided to fly a flight out of Nadi International airport flying the Fiji Airways A350. It was a very fun flight and I would recommend you try it out for yourself! Here are my photos from the flight.

Flight Details

Sever: Expert
Aircraft: A350-900
Flight time: 4 hours and 30 minutes

Turning onto runway 20 at Nadi

Climbing out, see you later Fiji!

A nice belly shot of the Fiji Airways livery

The Ocean is big…

Landing on runway 34L at Sydney

Slowing down after touchdown

I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet trip report. Overall, this flight gets 4/5 stars and is a fun flight to fly other than the fact that it is almost entirely over the Ocean. I hope you enjoyed, and have a great rest of your day!


Looks like a great flight!

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It was definitely one of the most fun medium-hauls I’ve done in a while!

Awesome shots - - anyways stan Fiji


Nice shots!

Thanks :D.

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Great pics! Sounds like a fun/scenic route, might fly it sometime.

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Thanks! :)

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This looks so real… :O

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This flight kind of inspired me to create an event in Fiji…

You can check it out here: