Trip Report DY7703 MAD-JFK 4-20-19

Hello! I just made it back home. I’m ready to make a trip report about my flight I toke on Norwegian.

Getting to the Airport
I left the hotel at 4:30PM to the airport. I got there and check in was smooth. But it wasn’t at JFK. So JFK is a base for Norwegian. And all of there flights are all at the same time. So it took 3h to get through the check in line. So it wasn’t that bad at MAD but the check was in T2 and the gate was in T1. But there was a lounge in T1 so I stayed there for most of the time.

Boarding was also smooth because I was in the front of the line😏.

Take Off
Took about mins to taxi from the gate. Very nice take off so kudos to the captain.

When you realize you can’t insert videos lol

Flight was super nice and got a nice 4h nap. And I watched a movie.

It was a bumpy approach and landing into JFK. I actually on the IFE map info we were going 116 knots which frighten me. Also on the approach, I flew right next to @Dylan_M s airport. They also put on mood rainbow lighting which was cool. Landing was normal. And I was happy I was back home.

Overall 8/10
Seats 7/10
Entertainment 10/10
Crew 9/10
Airline Service 10/10
It was a good flight.


I’m now confused!

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Check in was smooth at MAD. But it took 3h at JFK before when I was there.

Oh right! Gotcha.

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Gotta tag me with everything about LGA lol 😂😂😂


I have to. 😉

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