Trip Report DL283 KBOS-KSEA

I have begun my journey embarking on a trip that connects through all of Delta’s hubs. My first flight, KBOS-KSEA will be my first trip report on the trip. Let’s begin!

I flew a DAL 737-800WL on this leg. I was in seat 19F in economy. The 31” leg room was suitable for my average height and provided no problems on this 6 hour flight. We departed from gate A10 around 12:05 EST and taxiied down to RW15R while the cabin crew gave a safety briefing.

Then, we took off 15R and turned towards Seattle.

As we climbed to our cruise altitude we hit a few rough patches of turbulence.

After about 20 minutes, we reached 34,000 feet, our cruise altitude. The friendly Delta flight attendants passed around drinks and snacks at this time. I chose OJ and some famous Biscoff cookies! This was a night flight so I took a few looks out the window and got some rest.

About 40 minutes out we began our descent into KSEA. Right before this the flight attendants gave a complementary 2nd snack. I got a Sprite and some pretzels this time. We passed through FL010 and we were nearing the end. The flight attendants prepared for arrival and we began or final.

It was a soft touchdown, the pilot really buttered the bread on this one. We taxied to gate A1 where we deplaned.

Overall 18/20 Stars for Trip 1
Service was a 4/5
Aircraft quality 5/5
Comfort 4/5
Landing 5/5
Would recommend!


I like these posts! Was this a redeye?

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Yes, it was. I arrived at about 4 AM PST.

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Also I will board DL2240 with service to KLAX next. Departure time is at 2340Z! You can track me on Flightradar24 (LiveFlight)! Callsign DLVA2323.