Trip Report - DL1526 - KJFK-KTPA - April 20, 2019

Delta 1526 - JFK-TPA - Airbus A320 - April 20, 2019

Hello IFC!

On April 20, I had the chance to finally fly again. I flew Delta Air Lines Flight 1526 to Tampa International Airport. The aircraft was N372NW, an A320. Note that this is my first trip report so please feel free to correct any errors that I have made.

Getting to the Airport

My family woke up at 5:15 AM to get ready for our flight. The weather was poor, with light wind gusts and rain. We arrived at the long term parking in 30 minutes and were taking the AirTrain to Terminal 4.

Check In, TSA, & the walk to Gate B47

Now, I will warn you, Delta’s Check In desks at Terminal 4 are some of the worst i have ever experienced. The lines to check in and stuff was incredibly long and took a very long time. TSA was not bad though. Once we went through TSA, we had about 10 minutes to spare before boarding began. Lucky for us, the gate was nearly at the end of the terminal! Therefore, we had to walk a long way before we reached our gate. Luckily, we got there as boarding was underway.


Boarding was very fast. Because we arrived at our gate as boarding was taking place, the First Class passengers already boarded therefore we got right on the aircraft. We made it to our seat fast. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture of my seat, 26F, as I was so tired after running what seemed like 20 miles XD


There are just pictures here, as there is really nothing to explain about taxiing!

Cayman Airlines 737!

Japan Airlines 777!

A British Airways 747 & Alaska 737!

More Alaska’s!

Delta 767!


The takeoff seemed to be very quick, as it seemed we rocketed down the runway. Maybe it was just because im not used to flying irl XD. For some reason I can’t get the video up XD



After not much time, we reached 32000 feet. But then we descended to 28000 feet for some reason, according to the IFE’s. Surprisingly, there was very little turbulence. The worst winds we experienced was during climbout, and they still were not bad. I didnt watch any movies and just looked at the Tracker and the window for the entire flight XD. I bored my self throughout the flight 😂

The screen was large and sensitive to the touch, in which I was a fan of.

Food & Drink Service

Time for snacks! I had a cup of good ol’ water and some Cheez-Its.


Hello from FL280! Just love this wingview XD


After what did not seem like a long cruise, we were descending down to Runway 1L at TPA! Unfortunately I can’t get the landing video up as well XD. Upon approach to the runway, it seemed to be quite windy. Prior to flaring, it looked like we experienced some crosswind that the pilot in control had a hard time correcting. He floated the aircraft and slammed it down a bit. Not a landing to remember. After a quick taxi, we arrived at our gate! I asked to see the cockpit and I was able to! Unfortunately the pilots left the aircraft so I could not talk with them or anything like that. However I will not publicly show the picture of me in the cockpit because of personal reasons. 🤷‍♂️

N372NW parked at the gate!

Final Thoughts & Ratings

Overall, Delta did a very nice job with this flight. The crew and In-Flight Services were great as always. The seat was moderately sized and comfortable. The legroom was a bit lacking but I worked it out as the flight was pretty short. In conclusion, I definitely enjoyed this flight and look forward to flying Delta again. im flying Jetblue back home XD

Check In + Security - 2/5
Boarding - 3.5/5
Crew - 5/5
Seat - 4/5
IFE - 4.5/5
Food & Drink Service - 4/5
Overall Score - 3.8/5 (if the math’s right)

Hope you enjoyed!

Expect a trip report on my flight back as well. I did some spotting at TPA too so expect a topic in the future 👍


Great trip report! Very well done! Very well built, and explanatory!

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Thanks a bunch @Robertine!

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You were obviously at a phantom JFK airport then. All flights going in and out usually get a complimentary 45 minute taxiing tour of the entire airport. Nice report, nonetheless! 😉



Yea i know 😂 we taxied by every terminal and the cargo gates

Hope you enjoyed it lol.


Finally! It’s a shame the pilots left early, but glad my tips worked. 👍

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Yea I wouldve loved to talk with them

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@Dillon_Lewis look

Nice trip report!


Yea yea im at Tampa… 😂😂

Awesome Dylan! Can’t wait for the trip report back!

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Who did you ask to visit the cockpit? I want to visit the cockpit on my next journey, but honestly, I’m nervous to ask haha

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I asked the flight attendant. You can also ask the pilots if possible. 👍


Thank you Jackson! I too am exited!

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Interesting. I’m back home and you just left. 🧐
Hope you had a fun flight and have a good time in Tampa!

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Wow, seems like you enjoyed your flight! Have a nice (or weird) time in Florida, do whatever floats your house in the Everglades, or carries your alligator into Walmart etc!


On my flight, I did the same. You ask the flight attendants and if the pilots aren’t busy they will let you up


What the…😂😂


It makes a lot more sense if you have lived in Florida 😂


Great flight report and welcome to Tampa! I was actually drove right by the airport on the 20th, and you are correct about the winds! They were very strong that day, so strong that it was even pushing my car all over the lane! I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to fly in that. Enjoy your stay in Tampa and I look forward to your return flight report. KTPA is one of the best airports in the country in terms of layout and ease of use for passengers, I’m excited to hear what you think about it.

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