Trip Report: DEN-MCI 7/22

So let me give you guys a quick story about how I got on this flight. I was supposed to fly out Saturday morning but that didn’t happen because I got sick. So we had to change our flight. With southwest you have to pay the difference in fare it would’ve been 700 dollars to change flights which is way more than what we originally payed for so we called southwest and the lady that answered said that she would pay for the difference in fare because of the events that transpired. So anyways I woke up at 7 am to get dressed and ready to leave for the airport. Once we got to the airport we dropped our bags off and headed through a very busy security but thankfully we have TSA PRE so it didn’t take long at all. We got on the train and headed to C gates at Denver. I got my McDonald’s and a water as my breakfast. Headed to the gate and started munching on my food while the guy next to me was shaving. 40 minutes later is was time to board. I got C 1 as my boarding position because of an error when I checked in. Anyways I boarded and got my family row 27 and of course I got the window seat. My plane is a .8 month old 737-800 delivered brand new to southwest on October 1st

View from my seat
pushback and engine start
taxing to runway 34L for takeoff
climb out of Denver
Watching friends with pretzels and OJ
Not long after we began our final approach into Kansas City while turning onto final approach we were greeted by a great view of the Kansas Speedway.

Landing in KC. Looked like a greaser but from the back felt kinda hard.

Parked At Gate 41

Overall it was a good flight. Smooth flight and great service as usual. Would give the flight 9/10. Hope you enjoyed this trip report!!


Nice! I love friends and always watch it on Southwest. Nice report and I hope you feel better

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Thanks! I do feel better!!


Haha. Friends is the best show. I was watching it on my iPad the whole time going to Hawaii because my phone died. And southwest is the best


How in the world did you get a window seat from C1???

lol flight wasn’t very full surprisingly people before me actually took middle seats

I was on a flight from DAL-HOU with 98 people on board and didn’t even manage a window seat ;~;

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Nice trip report, but how did you manage to upload a video like this instead of linking it to YouTube? That’s the only problem I’m having now.

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I’m guessing he took it straight from the camera roll.

Never mind, that doesn’t work.

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I copied the link from the google photos app and pasted it

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Just noticed that this landing is not bad! I love southwest although I live in Europe.

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It felt worse if you were in the plane but it was kinda windy at KMCI yesterday

I never thought of that. When I do my trip report I’ll just do it from my google photos instead of YouTube

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Yeah for me it’s easier

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Yea. I uploaded it earlier today to YT but since I already use google photos I’ll just do that instead

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Didn’t look like a slam in the ground to me. Just the auto brakes kicking in.

Looked like an almost butter to me

Well that’s what it felt like at least. It was probably just from me sitting in the back

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