Trip Report | Delta/Virgin Atlantic | KMCO-EGLL via KJFK

Hello everyone, I’d thought I’d share my recent trip from Orlando to London on VS2222 operated by Delta and VS4. Feedback is appreciated and would like some tips to improve these in the future. Enjoy!


We arrived at Orlando international around 11:00am to catch our Delta flight to JFK. We passed through the security checkpoint fairly quickly and arrived at our gate, 72 at around 11:45. After boarding the flight (an airbus A320)and departing on-time we taxiied to runway 17R and took off to the south. We made an immediate left turn to the north and followed the coast all the way up to New York. The flight attendents were all very kind and snacks and drinks were served about half-way through the flight.
Landed in New York on Runway 22R and taxied into gate C66. From there we walked all the way through terminal 2 then taking a bus to terminal 4 for our flight to London. After walking all the way through terminal four to the Delta help desk to check on our bags and back down to the other wing of termial 4 we must have walked 2 miles. After getting food from McDonalds we walked down and arrived at our gate A6 ,1 hour and 30 minutes prior to departure. At the gate there was an Emarites A380 on the tarmac right beside our gate.
We boarded our flight an Airbus A340-600 around 6:00pm for our 6:36 departure time, the flight was delayed about 25 minutes because of some missing food items. Parked next to our gate was an Egypt air 777-300ER from Cairo, Egypt.
The plane was kind of old with no in flight WiFi and the IFE system used an old remote that bearly worked with only 1 episode for almost every show.
We departed the gate at 7:15 and taxied for about 15 minutes to runway 22R for takeoff. The takeoff was very smooth and we made an almost immediate left turn to go up the east coast.
Around an hour and a half into the flight the first meal was served, being a vegitarian I got tofu with rice and vegetables. There was also cheese and crackers and a small cup red velvet cake was the dessert.
We cruised around 36000 feet for the majority of the flight and I fell asleep for about 2 hours:/. Here are some pictures from cruise.
[12:45am] (East coast time)
We began our descent into London Heathrow around 12:45 over eastern Ireland and the FA served a light breakfast of yogurt and granola. By then the sun had already risin and it was only 5:45 local time.
We touched down in London on runway 09L after a 6 hour and 15 minute flight and if you want to see a video of the landing check the link below and skip to 14:40.

Overall it was a great flight, very smooth and the crew seemed very professional, in my opinion I would reccomend flying the 787 on this route but the A340 will do just fine.
Ratings (out of 5)
Crew- 5/5
Food- 4/5
Cabin- 3/5
IFE- 2.5/5
Landing/Takeoff 5/5


And it doesn’t have the new livery. Nice pics!

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Thanks, JFK is such a great airport for pics.


I liked the video you linked as well, the A340 just glided in as the wings flexed in the breeze. It had to be one of the smoothest landings!


@anon31652286 thanks! The landing was very smooth.

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