Trip Report - Delta One Suites 777: Great Seat, Short Flight!

Hello everybody! Today I’ll be sharing a flight with you for my first trip report! I fInd this flight cool since it was a large wide body on a flight under 2 hours.

2 days ago (as of writing this), I had to fly from school in Florida up to New York City for an appointment. In doing so, I got to fly on Delta’s 777-200LR with the (mostly) new Delta One suites between Atlanta and New York JFK. These are the suites that are found on all of the airline’s A350-900s and have been retrofit onto all of their 777-200ERs and -200LRs. A few months ago, I was actually going to do a very similar trip report (as I flew the same route and my 737 flight was swapped for a 767-300ER), but I was not TL2 yet.

Anyway, enough talkin’ from me, let’s get on to the flight!

In order to get to Atlanta, I flew out of my local airport in Florida, Daytona Beach International Airport. The flight was one of Delta’s Boeing 717s, and it was my first time on a 717. Pretty uneventful flight, but here was the plane at the gate at Daytona:

Upon arriving at Atlanta and walking across 3 concourses (the AirTrain had a delay and was running very slow), I finally saw the plane that would take us up to New York. This was my first time on the LR variant of the 777-200, so I was excited.

The info for the flight was:
Airline: Delta
Flight Number: DL244
Aircraft: Boeing 777-232(LR) (N702DN, 11 year old 777)
Route: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (KATL)-New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK)
Departure Gate: E17
Arrival Gate: B39 (Terminal 4)

Here’s some pics of the outside of the aircraft. I love those GE90 engines!

And as you can see in the 2nd picture, this 777 was also Delta’s Spirit of Atlanta 777!

Now, some of you may be wondering why Delta flies a big 777 on a route that isn’t even 2 hours long. Well, back in December, Delta resumed service between New York JFK and Mumbai, India, and as JFK is not a base for the 777, the airline needs to send a plane from Atlanta up to New York for the flight every evening.

I got to the gate about 30 minutes early, and boarding started in no time. As I was in Delta One, I got to board following pre-boarding. Upon entering the plane through door L2, I made a left into the Delta One section (passing by a cute puppy traveling in their owners bag on the way!) and found my seat: 1A. Row 1 was the only row that had window seats opened when I booked, so I took it. Now, onto the seat. Here’s a not-great picture I took quickly of the cabin. Delta One is arranged in a 1-2-1 layout, with even number rows have the window seats closer to the windows (the storage/tray table area is to your right). Since I was in row 1, I was slightly further from the window (as you can see the seat behind me is more to the right).

The seat was incredibly comfortable. Lots of storage and of course the huge screen! This thing was really big and wow did it look good! Anyone who’s flown a plane with Delta’s newest IFE system will know how great and responsive it is, and it did not disappoint! The flight crew also handed out some nice comfortable headphones to use with the screen, and there was also a remote available to use in a small cubby next to the seat (although it is also a touch screen). This is probably the largest screen I’ve had on a flight!

And of course, do I even have to mention the leg room? The seat turns into a bed, so you know the leg room was great. Here’s a shot of the seat controls, which were not physical buttons, but were capacitive buttons, like a touch screen:

I’ll also mention that the crew was incredibly friendly and helpful, and made sure everyone in the Delta One cabin was being taken care of!

Eventually, dinner was served and man was it good! There was a choice between a beef dish or a chicken salad. I chose the beef about 2 days before the flight through the Delta app. It came with a nice side salad and a delicious s’mores on a stick!

During the flight, I also tried the door and it’s actually very effective at making the suite feel private. I mostly spent the flight with the seat in the “lounge” position watching TV, although I did see how it felt completely flat as a bed, and it passes the comfort test from me!

Before we knew it we landed on 31R at JFK after only an hour and 29 minutes in the air, and the plane began being prepped for the long flight to Mumbai.

Overall, it was a fantastic flight! A few bumps coming into New York and leaving Atlanta, but smooth for the most part! The crew was very friendly, food was good, IFE was top notch, and the seat might just be the best seat I’ve flown on from a U.S. carrier! I didn’t want to leave and really want to try the suite on one of Delta’s longer 777 routes to really get a great feel for it. A flight that only lasts an hour and a half isn’t enough for a seat like this!

Anyway, I know this is a lot of text, so I’ll end this trip report off with some photos from the flight!
View of KATL after taking off:

A beautiful sunset from the flight:

And ending the flight at JFK next to a fellow Delta Boeing 767-300ER getting ready to head off to Los Angeles

Thanks to Delta for the great flight, and thank you for reading this trip report! I hope to write more based off cool flights in the future!

See you in the IF skies!!!

And of course I ate Biscoff cookies, how could I fly Delta and not eat them?


This looked like it was a fun flight for you!!

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