Trip Report: Delta Airlines KSEA-KSJC On DL2252 06/15/2019 (I was on the A220!!!)

Part 1

If you haven’t read part 1, see the link below. This is the return trip where I head back home to San Jose.

Trip Report: Southwest Airlines KSJC-KSEA On WN379 06/11/2019


Hello, IFC

This is the trip report you have all been waiting for. After the first part about my Southwest flight up, here is the trip report about the return flight home. And this time, it is way more exciting than the previous trip report.

Heading to the Airport

We left for the airport at 9:30 AM PDT (1630Z). We started off closer to Everett Airport (PAE/KPAE) so it would be a long drive down to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA/KSEA). We headed for an early lunch and then drove down to Sea-Tac Airport. We arrived at the airport at around 12:00 PM PDT (1900Z) and returned our car. We then took the shuttle bus to the south terminal where Delta was. We headed inside and prepared to check in our bags.

Checking In The Bags

We checked in a total of 3 bags (all for free) and proceeded to security. It was a different experience for me since I have been flying Southwest for all of these months, so checking in the bags was different and slower.


Our family is in the Global Entry Program, which includes TSA Precheck, so we were able to get expedited security screening.

Gate B1

After security, we headed to Gate B1, where our airplane was. Our airplane for that day was N101DU, a brand new Airbus A220 airplane. The A220 is the newest aircraft in Delta’s fleet and I was lucky enough to be flying on Delta’s first ever A220! :D The airplane was operating as Delta Flight 2252 from Seattle to San Jose. It was one of the first few days that Delta offers mainline service to San Jose from Seattle.

At Gate B1. Here is a picture of our airplane before boarding.

Boarding the airplane. The C Series plate is literally the first thing you step on as you enter the plane unless you want to look awkward and try to step somewhere else.

Wingview before pushback. I was seated on 20E, so I had the window seat.

The Flight

As the safety video was going on, we pushed back and started the engines. We taxied to Runway 16L and proceeded to takeoff. Instead of performing the normal HAROB SIX departure procedure, which is what you’re supposed to do if you’re going to an airport in the San Francisco Bay Area pm me for details about the departure, we performed the SUMMA ONE departure procedure pm me for details about that departure which is the procedure you perform if you’re going to places like LAX, SAN, SNA, SLC, etc.

The takeoff roll was beautiful as the engine sounds were AMAZING! They weren’t as quiet as those on the MAX but their sounds were absolutely STUNNING!

We cruised at FL370 and then descended to FL350 as we were turning back toward San Jose. During cruise, I asked for an apple juice and some Biscoff cookies. After finishing them both, I proceeded to head to the bathroom (in the back) on the airplane so I could see the bathroom window. Turns out, I went into the bathroom on the right side of the airplane and there were no windows in there whatsoever. I went out and switched over to the left side bathroom, and there was the window. Of course, I got a picture of the window and proceeded to head back to my seat. As I was in my seat, I rang the flight attendant call button because I got thirsty and wanted another apple juice XD. When I told the flight attendant what I wanted, she went back and brought back A WHOLE CAN OF APPLE JUICE!!! Yes, a WHOLE CAN! :D That was not what I was expecting but ok XD. I quickly finished the can as we were beginning our descent a few minutes after.

Not far north of San Francisco International Airport (SFO/KSFO), we began our descent into Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC/KSJC). I had to finish up my can of apple juice as the flight attendants were already bringing out their trash bags and I need to get everything ready to land. We flew over SFO and took an unusual approach procedure into SJC.

We landed at KSJC on Runway 30L. The pilots, unlike those on the Southwest flight, did not butter the landing at San Jose but at least we were able to quickly park at Gate 3 so I could go off and use the bathroom. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a picture of my airplane after deplaning because Gate 3 is at an angle where you cannot see the airplane from the terminal.

Leg room was descent

After takeoff


Window bathroom

My can of apple juice! :D

On final Runway 30L

Parked at Gate 3

What did I think of the flight?

As this is a trip report, I will now give my opinions on the flight. Overall, I will give this flight a 10/10 rating. I got to fly on a Delta A220 for the first time and the airplane felt really comfortable to be on. The flight attendants were kind and attentive and even gave me a can of apple juice! :D
The flight had seat power which allowed me to charge my phone during the flight, something I was not used to since I was always flying on Southwest. Everything was perfect on that flight and I would love to fly on a Delta A220 sometime again in the future! :D

Why did I make a trip report on this flight?

I made a trip report for this flight because I got to have a whole new experience in aviation. I got to experience the brand new A220 and it was one of the first few days that Delta Airlines offers mainline service from Seattle to San Jose (back when SEA-SJC started with Delta, it was only on Delta Connection). With the odd departure from Seattle and the odd approach into San Jose, this flight was truly unique compared to the others. It was also the first Delta flight I have been on since July 2018.

Anyone who tracked my flight?

I posted this a bit before pushback.

@Dylan_M got my flight when I was departing from Seattle but idk about the rest of the flight.

More Pictures!!!

I took way more pictures than the 10 that I posted on here. PM me for some more pictures! :D

Thanks for reading! :D


Nice pics you’re lucky to go on that aircraft

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Glad you enjoyed flying our A220 product 🙂


Yeah, my Dad wanted to book a Southwest flight back but I was like “NOPE!”
And Delta wasn’t that much expensive either and the flight is on a brand new airplane, so…we booked Delta! :D

Glad? I wasn’t glad. I was AMAZED!!! :D
Felt so happy to fly on that airplane and she delivered! :D


Great trip report as always!

Especially cool that you flew on the CS100 (which I wish I could’ve since I’d flown to Seattle just a week prior!)

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You lucky duck. You got to fly the 220. Im jealous

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Thank you! :D
Wish you could’ve joined me on that flight
The airplane was absolutely amazing to be on!

Haha 😛 😂


Weird flex but ok 😂

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