Trip Report- Delta 1740- KMSP to KTPA 08/16/2018

Hello everybody, this is my first trip report on the IFC with two more coming up in the next week and a half. Lets get into it.

I’m going on vacation with family to Tampa, so I will be coming back in about a week and a half with a connection through Atlanta so expect another review
up after that.

Departure Airport:
We arrived for our flight at terminal 1 three hours early as I like to plane spot before I depart. This was our first flight with Delta in a couple of years so there were some surprises. Check in was a self-serve system, I used the Fly Delta app with e-tickets and scanned the barcode across the kiosk, which printed out our boarding passes and the luggage tag for the one bag that we decided to check. We then went over to the baggage belt where we again scanned the ticket and placed the bag on the belt. It was automatically weighed and then it proceeded on through the airport. We headed over to security where there was a fairly large line due to many of the first flights of the day departing around the same time, although we were through it in under 20 minutes. We headed through the terminal to look for some breakfast to eat, as it was around 6:45 am. I enjoyed the variation in food ameneties, from big chains like McDonalds, to some smaller sit-downs, but we settled for some Caribou, where I got myself a biscuit and some Coke Cola. We then headed down to gate G12 to have a seat, relax, and do some plane spotting.

Our aircraft being towed to G12.

This flight was almost full, so some passengers had to check their carry-on bags for bin space in the 737-900ER. Luckily, I was boarding group 3, which meant that wasn’t an issue. Boarding started 4 minutes late but we departed on time.

Aircraft: This 2.1 year old 737 was great, only problem would be the bathrooms as they weren’t very clean.

The departure out of Minneapolis was smooth with a short taxi due to the active runway being very close to our gate.

View of the city.

I very much enjoyed the seats on this aircraft, they were comfortable and have a decent degree of reclination. The seat had a universal outlet and also a USB to charge your devices. It also has a storage compartment where you can fit a laptop. The IFE was very good, with multiple spin-offs of classic games, to every recently popular movie, from Avengers Infinity War to 12 Strong it had alot of great options. The leg room was great for me, but I’m not very big, so keep that in mind if flying Delta.


Snacks and stuff:
The snack options on this three hour flight were nice. It is the standard Delta biscoff cookies or snack mix and also a granola bar to choose from. I chose the snack mix and apple juice and recived 2 snack mixes which was nice. They also sold earbuds for two dollars but they are really quite even on full volume but for two dollars it was nice.

The crew on this flight did their job, there wasn’t really anything special about it, nothing bad happened during the flight.

Arrival Airport:
The Tampa airport is nice, it was clean and well organized. It’s arranged kind of like the points of a star so you have to ride a tram to the main area where you get your baggage. We also got a rental car and had to take an 8 minute tram from the airport around a runway to get to rental cars.

Conclusion and Rating:
Overall this was a great flight.
Departure Airport: 4.5/5
Aircraft and Seats: 4.8/5
Crew: 4/5
Arrival Airport: 4/5
Would recommend to a friend.


very good and nice pictures

Great trip report! Interesting to see reports on domestic flights in the US, nice to see what domestic travel is like In countries other than my own!

It looks a little nicer than the 45 minute flights in a Dash-8 that are common in the UK!

Dash flights aren’t common unless you draw the short straw. You my friend have been unlucky.

Yea as almost 400+ hours on Delta my favorite domestic plane is the 737-900er and Delta crew are always awesome.
Nice trip report

Obviously haven’t flown Flybe :)

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