Trip Report: CDG-SLC

Krabby Patty secret formaula

Aircraft: Delta A330-900Neo
Flight time: 10:41
Route: LFPG - KSLC

So last week i decided to skip school and take a trip to Paris France 🇫🇷🥖! Visted Musée du Louvre, Le tour Eiffel, L’arc de triomphe, and of cource Le Notre Dame among many other amazing things! Fast foward 5 wonderful days and its time to fly back home to frigid western wyoming 🌨️🏔️.

We find ourselves at Paris Charles De Gaulle’s terminal 2E where our 4 year old Airbus A330-900Neo of Delta Airlines has just flown in from Los Angelas🎬. Even though it was 5:15am and i probably shoulda been exausted, i had too much excitment because i was traveling in the new Delta One suits!! Boarding was a little delayed because the french President had gotten a new pet bison 🦬 and it needed to taken out of the cargo hold. Nothing out of the ordinary i dont think 🤔.

After the crazy Bison ordeal🦬, we finally got on our way! While waiting for everyone to board, i decided to reward myself with the first of many glasses of tomato juice 😋😋! Unsuprisingly, i fell asleep and was only jolted awake when we starting rolling down the runway! I decided to stay awake and got this beautiful picture as we began to rotate off CDG’s 26R.

As we reached cruising at over the English Channel 🇫🇷🇬🇧, while i was enjoying an episode of The Office, the flight attendents began dinner service with hot towels and drinks! contrary to popular belief, i actually dont just drink tomato juice 😂. I decided to be fancy and get a sparkling water and cranberry juice!
About 35 minutes later as we passed over Northern Ireland, when the appetizers arrived! Cesar Salad, Shrimp Scampy, Split Pea soup and of course a warm pretzel roll 🥨🧈. I decided to skip the rest of dinner and do a flight on a new flight simulator i bought called infinite flight 😉.

After more episodes of The office, i got very bored and decided to stroll the cabin. To my suprise, there as a little snack bar at the front of the plane so i did the only logical things. #1 take a picture of southern Greenland 🇬🇱 😍 and #2 take all the Biscoff cookies😈🍪🍪

Sleeping United403 noises
I fell back asleep after completing mission Biscoff and woke up few hours later over Hudson Bay Canada, which is about the time I discovered that our plane was equiped with a Tail Cam 😍😍😍!

4 hours later after finally commiting to sleep, i woke up to a stunning southern wyoming sunrise and the smell of coffee and biscuits filling the first class cabin!!
Right about then, the FA’s began taking breakfest requests, so i decided to get a spinich and feta omlette🍳, OJ 🍊and a quadruple espresso ☕️

After finishing my last episode of The Office, i looked out the window and captured this absolutley stunning picture of the Wasatch Range over Provo!!

Downtown Salt Lake city as we began our final approach for 34R

To my absolute suprise, @BenjiTheBull was holding short as i was landing. Unfortunatley i was on the right side of the aircraft and didnt see his Qatar Airways A321. Wait Wait what??? Qatar 🤯🤯🤯🤯😨😨😨

10Hrs 41min later, we parked at A19A, right next to another A339 coming from Amsterdam!


Wait… whaaa?? 🤯


“I just want to talk to him.”

-Peter Griffin


I don’t know the reference bc I’ve never watched Family Guy 💀

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Look it up and you’ll understand pretty quickly lol

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What I like about this is I saw 3 Delta Butter buses come into SLC today. 2 Neos (one of them Team USA) and a -200

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almost as good as Jeb Brooks

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MSP is Delta A330neo heaven. Today, we got like 6. 1 from Narita, and a ton from London, Paris, and Amsterdam. There are 3 or 4 daily MSP-AMS/CDG frequencies, some of which are A333s and some are A339s. We have 2 daily LHRs, which seem mostly A333s with some Neo’s sprinkled in.


Bro this is the best

i might be doing this one… do you know if they air france also does this route?