Trip report: C172 trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas with a buddy

Hello community. I am back with a real world aviation trip report I did earlier today. It was a flight from KSRC-KLIT to pick up a friend then onward to KFYV for lunch and to lounge around and then back to KLIT and KSRC after we were done. The trip was “routine” as the flight to Little Rock was uneventful. We had a noce tailwind and go into Little Rock in twenty minutes. After a quick turn, we departed runway 36 northwest bound to KFYV. We went up to 4,500 as we had a solid overcast above us. At 4500 feet, we encountered a nasty headwind but eventually made it. On the approach into KFYV, MEM CTR handed us off earlier to the next faciltiy to where we could hear them but couldn’t hear us. We eventually established radio communications 30 miles from KFYV. We landed at KFYV without a problem and headed to lunch.

Fast forward a few hours and we are headed back to KLIT to drop our friend off. We climb to an altitude of 5,500 and are greated with a fabulous 25 knot tailwind. Our groundspeed reaches 135 knots. Now here is the interesting part of the Flight…We are grabbing the KLIT atis and it says the winds are 300@11 and that they are landing runways 22R and 18. Well, we check in with the controller with the ATIS and he tells us to expect runway 18. It goes through my mind then I call approach back and ask for 36 since the wind favors 36 and I, as PIC, don’t want to land with an 11 knot tailwind. I say my request and he says he’ll let tower know. A few moments later, the ATIS changes and the airport is in a N flow. Nothing eventful happens after that as we land on 36, drop our friends off and leave back to KSRC. The total trip was 4.1 hours and was a great experience. Below are photos of the trip:!


Amazing Pictures from the sky as we are stuck on the ground! :)

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Thanks. It was a bumpy flight on the way up there!

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