Trip Report: Boston-Minneapolis

I decided to make a trip report from my August 29th, 2022 flight from Boston (KBOS) to Minneapolis (KMSP), with Sun Country’s 737-800.

Our flight left at 11:00 AM, so we got to the airport (Boston’s Terminal E) at about 8:30. It was mostly quiet, just a couple flights (Hawaiian to Honolulu and Porter to YTZ) besides ours departed around the same time.

55 minutes before our flight, the plane we would be flying on (N838SY) absolutely buttered to end its flight in from Minneapolis. Boarding was quick and seamless, and we took our seats towards the back of the plane, on the left side of the aircraft. Sun Country had been redoing their cabin, and ours was almost brand new.

The seats were very comfortable, we had spotless walls, and the carpet looked fresh. Sun Country’s motto is “The Hometown Airline,” (“hometown” being Minnesota, Eagan to be precise), and that shows. They offer many Minnesota-themed snack and drinks, and every plane is named after a Minnesotan lake (ours was Lake George), keeping with the “Land of 10,000 lakes” tradition (not to brag, but we actually have more like 11,842 lakes, but 10,000 sounds better).

We pushed back and taxied over to the runway, about 3 minutes early. It was a beautiful sunny day in Boston, and we would be provided amazing views of the Harbor, right after takeoff.

Takeoff! After a fast takeoff roll, we climbed quickly and made a sharp north turn, passing by the airport once again. Despite the clear skies, we got tossed around by the winds coming across the Harbor. There was a little commotion as somebody decided this was the perfect time to stand up and get something from the overhead bin. This prompted some angry announcements but the flight attendants, telling the passenger to sit back down.

After flying out over the ocean for a while, the wing dipped once again and we made landfall over Salem, Massachusetts, before skimming the bottom of New Hampshire and Vermont. We reached our cruising altitude of 38,000 feet, and the captain turned off the seatbelt sign. He told us that it was pretty much smooth sailing from here.


As we passed over Upstate New York, the flight attendants began the snack and drink service. I was hungry, and decided to get a “Hearty Flightbites” box, to eat alongside the disgusting (and extremely overpriced) airport sandwich. Most of the long haul flights from Terminal E don’t leave until early evening, so nothing was really open.

I believe this was either Syracuse or Rochester NY.

Niagara Falls! We descended down to FL360, to avoid some turbulence over Ontario, according to our captain. I decided to review Sun Country’s wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, games, and more that can be streamed to your personal device, but ended up watching a documentary I had downloaded before my flight.

I tried to spot Toronto out the window, but the entirety of Ontario as well as much of Lake Huron and the state of Michigan were cloaked by clouds. The second round of drinks and snacks came around just west of Toronto. I couldn’t get a good picture, but I did spot an A380-800 cruising a few thousand feet above us. I’m quite sure it was Emirates.


We made our initial decent just west of Green Bay, Wisconsin. It got quite bumpy as we got below FL280, just as we were banking south near the town of Wausau. The crew made their final cabin preparations for landing, as we entered the GOPHER 1 approach onto runway 30L.

Here we are, passing over Pine Bend Oil Refinery, in the far southern suburb of Rosemount. It is one of the largest oil refineries in the Midwest United States.

Short final over Fort Snelling State Park and the Minnesota River. We had some pretty strong crosswinds, so we were crabbing on the approach. This was also one of the fastest landings I’ve ever experienced.

Thud! Because of the crosswinds, the pilots weren’t taking any chances. They set us down right on the touchdown zone, pretty firmly, but not too hard. With some hard braking and reverse thrust, we made the first runway exit over towards Terminal 2.

As we taxiied in and the FAs made the coustomary welcome announcement, my Mom caught this KLM A330-300 that just landed in from Amsterdam. This was the first day that KLM had flown the AMS-MSP route twice, to meet growing demand. It’s actually Minesota’s best served European route, with 3 daily flights (1 with Delta’s A330neo, 1 with a KLM A330, and one with a KLM 787).

We got over to our gate, deplaned, grabbed our bags, and made our way home from the airport.

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Very nice!

Given you mentioned the cabin being newly updated - it would have made it even better to see a picture of the cabin for some context.

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Yes, I got a picture of the cabin, but it had my face (as well as my sister’s) in it, and if I blurred them, you couldn’t see much of the cabin. I’ll find a picture online though (will proper citations, obviously).

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Ah fair enough then.

Edit: That cabin looks nice - big fan!

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Yes, it is! Very clean and crisp. I was actually on one of the last 738s in their fleet not to have been updated for my 5.5 hour flight from KMSP-MRLB in December of last year. Their old cabins aren’t nearly as comfy.

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