Trip Report : Baku ----> Abu Dhabi ( Wizz air 321)

Date : 14.10.2022
Route : UBBB ---- OMAA
Flight number : 5W7016
Plane : A6-WZD
Flight time : 02:39

  1. Boarding time Gate: A11

2)The pushback is complete.

  1. Taxi to Runway 35

  1. After The Takeoff Baku

  1. Final Runway 13L Abu Dhabi

Spoilerr πŸ‘€

Exit Runway 13L


Very nice. Never flown Wizz Air but I’ve heard it’s good.

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Now learning what I learned from this sim, I can’t wait to take my next flight so I can follow just like this. Awesome report!

I do not like the flight crew at Wizz.

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Ferrari world and the F1 track are so close to the airport

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Obviously, the journey was excellent!)

Wow nice pictures @TA-VA_AVAZ

Thanks πŸ–€ ;)
I will share more from Baku airport every time I fly.
In this way, it will arouse curiosity for those who play the game and I hope they make pleasant flights from here in the future. (at game) πŸ˜ŠπŸ’―


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