Trip Report : BA, A320, DUB-LHR

Hello IFC,
Recently I have been seeing a lot of trip reports here, so I thought I’d make my own.
On the 18th of February this year, I flew British Airways A320 from DUB/Dublin to LHR/Heathrow. It was economy. Despite getting up at 3am (🥴) I was very excited for the flight so everything got off to a good start. We arrived at Dublin’s Terminal 1 and got some food. I wasn’t that hungry so I just got the McDonalds pancakes which weren’t exactly Gordon Ramsey-pleasing but they were nice enough.
Next we went through security. Dublin Terminal 1 is quite old and the security design has more issues than Arsenal’s defence. It was a bit chaotic with a lot of impatient people grumbling. We got through in around 20 minutes and went to the gate. I got some water off a WH Smith in the duty free, it was 2.30€ which is normal price. T1 duty free is ok, there’s a Superdry and some other shops which are nice.
At the gate I discovered it had started raining (which was bad because we had to walk to the aircraft) but I had a hoody on so it wasn’t too bad.
Onboard the plane we found our seats and settled down. The cabin was very clean overall and the seat was comfy with good legroom.
The flight was delayed for 45 minutes due to weather. It was fine, I just listened to music (thank god for spotify premium) and watched other planes out the window. Eventually we began the long taxi to RWY28.
In the air I managed to get this pic;

After we reached cruise, the crew came around with the trolley. I didn’t get anything, but my dad got some crisps (Walker’s salt and vinegar) which were actually quite good value compared to some other airlines.
We began our descent on the arrival to LHR. Again we had to hold due to the delay earlier. However eventually we landed with a smooth landing on runway 27R and exited the plane.
Overall I thought BA were very good. However this was a very short flight. I’d definetly fly with them on this route again.
Seat : 9/10
Crew: 10/10
IFE: 5/10
Overall: 8/10
No more trip reports this year (thanks corona :/) but look out for Vienna and Gatwick (@Tsumia @Speedbird_286 😉) next year, and Venice and New York JFK the year after that.


Thanks Tristan!

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Nice one! Might I ask what age you are? I am curious because you talked about your father. It is ok if you don’t want to say though.

Great trip report and pictures!

PS. Love that subtle Arsenal dig😂👏

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Very nice!


casually flexes…

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Haha I’m an arsenal fan!

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I’m in my teens like most people here.

Same @CaptainHugh

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Oh nice. You irish?

Yes, How’d you know?

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Your name… 😂

Haha fair enough lol

Yeah. Mind if I PM you?

No problem!

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