Trip Report: BA 737-800 EGLL-LXGB

Route: London Heathrow (EGLL) to Gibraltar (LXGB)
Aircraft: British Airways Boeing 737-800
Flight Time: 2 hours, 18 minutes
Server: Solo

Hello! I decided to take a well deserved break from my office job at the British Museum as an Egyptologist, and head down to Gibraltar for a week. We booked a lovely all inclusive, right near the airport for optimal plane spotting.

Here we are, having just pushed back from the gate at London-Heathrow. The tug driver clearly doesn’t know where the taxiway centerline is.

Just having rotated out of LHR’s runway 27R, I caught a great view of their iconic tower, as well as their sprawling terminals.

Here we are, leveling off over the French Coast. The cabin crew began their drink service, and I opted for a hot coffee, as well as a chocolate croissant.

After a turbulent approach, and a rough landing, we touched down on Gibraltar’s 5,827 foot (1,776 meter) long runway. It’s doable for this 737, but heavy braking is vital to safely doing this.

Here’s the aircraft roaring past Gibraltar’s famous highway through the runway. A couple of cars were on the road, just off the airport property, but a heavy gate prevents them from getting in our way.

We parked at the gate, picked up our bags, and went off to our resort! Because Gibraltar is a British territory, no need for passport control. We brought out passports though, in case we decide to do a day trip in Spain.


Here is a cookie for featuring one of my favorite airports!

Thanks @United403! It’s a great cookie!

the british airways b737 seems so cursed to me now because i havent seen it in a while


Weird that you used a BA 737 but no worries, it’s just a sim. Great shots! Hope the turbulence wasn’t too bad :D

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Thanks! I know that they use the A320 in real life, but thought I’d try out try out their Boeing narrow body.

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