Trip Report: Austin to Boston with Southwest!

Hello IFC! Just a few hours ago I got off my last flight of the decade from Austin (AUS/KAUS) to Boston (BOS/KBOS) on Southwest. This flight was operated by a 737-700 (N729SW), and took just over 3 hours. I thought I’d make a simple basic report, so here goes.

Pre-flight experience in Austin
I arrived at the airport just over an hour before my flight, around 8:40 in the morning. The airport was extremely quiet, likely due to the fact that it’s New Years Eve. I have TSA PreCheck and there wasn’t even a line. We were literally the only people going through that line. After clearing security I wandered around a bit and bought a sandwich to take on the flight.

Soon enough it was time to board. I was B20 (if you aren’t familiar with Southwest’s boarding process, everyone is put in an order and boards in that order, it is open seating). I was surprised to find 9F empty when I boarded, a window seat with a nice engine and wing view. In my experience you need to be in A to get a seat that far up, so I was lucky. Unfortunately we seemed to be the one flight that was full, as the flight attendants soon announced that every seat would be taken. Here’s my view:

If you zoom in you can see a plane above the tail of that bird a couple gates away from us. It will reappear later in this post.

We pushed back about 15 minutes late, even though boarding was completed on time. During our taxi to runway 35R I spotted this plane. Does anyone know what it is?

Just before we took off that plane I mentioned in the earlier picture came into land. I was prepared to snap a photo as I had checked FR24 and saw it was a 767-200, which are quite rare these days!

Soon enough we had taken off, and we were on our way!

Personally, I like Southwest’s seats. They aren’t anything special, but offer plenty of legroom for me (well I’m only 5’2”). I think they’re comfortable and you always know what you’re getting into.

Snacks, IFE, and Cruise
Shortly after we reached our cruising altitude of 37 thousand feet, the cabin crew came around for drinks and snacks. I ordered a ginger ale. Normally Southwest just has pretzels or sometimes crackers but today they had something special I’d never seen before! They had pretzels, Fritos, and cookies! Everyone could take 2 items, I went for pretzels and Fritos. Southwest also offers free entertainment on your device. While the selection isn’t outstanding, it’s perfectly fine for a domestic flight, after all they don’t really fly any long haul routes. Here’s a picture of me watching The Price is Right on my iPad while I enjoyed my snacks (drink not pictured).

We soon passed over the Mississippi River!

I the decided to listen to a podcast and close my eyes.

(Almost) Panic in the Skies
Shortly before we began our descent, the flight attendants came over the loudspeaker with a message you never want to hear. They asked if there were any doctors on board. It seemed that a passenger had passed out. For a bit it seemed like we may have needed to divert to Philly or a NY area airport. Thankfully, there was an experienced doctor on board, and the passenger was okay!

Approach and Landing in Boston
The fog was very think in Boston and when we broke through it we were on very short final. The landing was quite hard, most likely because of the cold and wet conditions. Here’s some pictures!

It would be awesome to live in one of those houses and watch the planes come in to land!

Arrival in Boston
I’ve only every heard bad things about the Boston airport. However I found it quite nice (at least the B gates). It felt new and clean. I also saw lots of nice aircraft including a Qatar 777, Emirates A380, El Al 787, a BA 747, and a Cabo Verde 757! I love big airports!

Thanks for looking at this! I guess it’s more of a account of my travels than a report, but if you’re looking for a true Southwest Trip Report, Paul Lucas has a good one!


It is a C-130 I believe.

Glad to hear. And I bet everyone’s happy you didn’t have to divert.

That’s a good show to watch.

All in all, seems like a great trip, and I love those wing views on landing. Great trip report!

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Thanks! I’m definitely not an expert on military aircraft so thank you for identifying it!

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Nice trip report i love Southwest! I never been to Boston but it looks nice. Glad you had a great trip!


Thanks! It’s my first time flying into Boston!


Glad to hear that the passenger was ok!

Very nice trip report, glad you had a nice fight and your last for the decade!

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Thanks very much! I’m very glad the passenger was okay as well, that would have been a bad start to their new year

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From who?
BOS is pretty nice, especially when compared to some of its southerly neighbors (cough, LGA/JFK/EWR, cough). I think the nicest terminal there is probably A or B.


Just from friends and family but they were clearly wrong 😂

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Probably a C-130J for the Austin national guard. They have all there operations at the end of the 35s

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B is by far the nicest terminal as it has received multiple facelifts and updates over the past 5 years. The area you arrived in was once occupied by American Airlines for many years until they moved to the western concourse.

Welcome to Boston, nonetheless. Are you staying awhile? Great report!

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Cool trip report

I had this on a flight home on a school trip and our trip organiser immediately asked the FAs if we would be diverting…pretty scary stuff…

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Nice! I convinced my dad to let me go to Boston with him for about 24 hours for a wedding next August! I don’t care about the wedding, I just wanted to go on some flights 😏 I’m taking Delta there (never flown) and JetBlue back (also never flown) so it should he interesting. Nice trip report! I’ve never gotten Fritos on a WN flight… ;(

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An awesome trip report you got here mate! Glad you had a great flight with southwest! 👍

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Yeah B was super nice! I’m flying United back and I believe they also operate out of B

I’m staying with my grandparents in Vermont for a few days :D We decided to fly into BOS instead of BDL this time because it was really cheap

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Thanks so much!

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I know this was awesome! They also had some sort of cool cookie I’ve never seen before. I’ve flown Southwest dozens of times and never gotten this


Wow! I’m flying them in March to San Juan- I’ll have to see 👀


I’m wondering if the just had a ton extra stuff possibly because my plane only flew three flights today. MCO-AUS-BOS-AUS. Because they also let us take however many we wanted 😆