Trip Report: An Actually AMAZING American Airlines Flight | 777-300ER Business Class | Los Angeles To Tokyo Haneda

Wow, look at that. A title using 5 alliterating words. Really gonna need that for my essay tomorrow 🤔

Anyways, looks like everyone else is having relatively bad experiences flying the US3, so here’s an actually good experience with American Airlines over the past summer:


[Flight Information]

✈ Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
✈ Airline: American Airlines
✈ Registration: N734AR
✈ Date: Late July 2019
✈ Flight Time: 10 Hours & 30 Minutes
✈ From: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
✈ To: Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND)

The Quick Trip Report Summary:

American Airlines’ Flagship Business Class on their Boeing 777-300ER is a fantastic way to travel. The Business Class utilizes the Zodiac Cirrus seat which is also found on Cathay Pacific’s A350s, 777-300s, A330s, and more. In my opinion, this Flagship Business Class seat and product may be better than some of American Airlines’ Flagship First Class products also found on their Boeing 777-300ER.

And yes, we had zero delays and an hour early arrival into Haneda.

Pictures (From The Video):

The aircraft for today’s Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda flight is N734AR, a 777-300ER delivered to American in October 2015. This is actually sort of a special flight. American Airlines temporarily scheduled the Boeing 777-300ER on the LAX-HND flight from June 6 to October 26. Now it no longer flies the route and was replaced by the 787-9.

This is the American Airlines Flagship Business Class seat, called the Zodiac Cirrus. It’s the same Business Class seat found on many of Cathay Pacific’s aircraft. This seat is pretty spacious and offers a good amount of privacy and comfort.

American has 52 of these Flagship Business Class seats arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration on their 777-300ERs

Takeoff was interesting as there was a dense layer of clouds at the end of LAX’s runway. On takeoff, there were a good amount of interesting planes such as the LATAM 787, EL AL 787, Singapore A350, EVA Air 777-300ER, and more.

American offers a special Japanese Meal in partnership with Japan Airlines. This meal can only be found on routes to and from Tokyo.

…And here’s the meal. This was probably the MOST beautiful meal I’ve had in the air. It’s possibly one of the most delicious as well.

Here’s the main course for the Japanese Meal. The beef short rib was INSANELY tender and flavorful. Overall, an amazing job by American for offering this.

So… an amazing experience on American. Unheard of, right? What are your thoughts on this flight? Would you fly with American Airlines?

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That’s awesome. One of my goals this year is to fly international with AA

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I feel like the US3 lack in domestic service, with Delta definitely making strides towards becoming much better under Ed Bastian. The other two for some reason aren’t following that logic. But as far as American’s international service it’s definitely far better than their domestic product (probably due to more experienced and loyal crew)

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I feel like DL is taking too much attention away from the other two American flagships but they are still top level. UA’s Polaris and AA’s Biz are both really nice products but are often overlooked imo because of DL’s insane biz. I really want to try AA’s biz as I’ve heard tons of positive reviews from a bunch of people. And about the food, any route to Japan offers the best food. Nothing beats Japanese cuisine.

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awsome trip report!


I’ve actually been with American international to japan to go back to Australia for some reason, but it was a great experience and I would fly with American internationally again. Try AA 73 - 74 to Sydney


I definitely agree, though international/long-haul service is more tedious as there’s multiple things FA’s need to do in a flight.


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