Trip Report. An AAcredible Experience

Hello IFC,
Yesterday I flew back home to visit my parents and To see a few friends. I flew on American Airlines from Reno to Little Rock via Dallas.

My flight that would take me to Dallas was AA1361 which was an upgraded Airbus A321 at just 8 years old registration N553UW. The flight was to depart at 0605 and boarding started on time at 0535. Wanting to get there 2 hours before boarding time I woke up at 0300 and got to the airport by 0315. Once I got to the airport, I went to the American Airlines kiosk to print my boarding passes for my trip. The time was now 0345 and I made my way to the TSA like which didn’t open till 0400 so I had to wait 15 minutes which wasn’t to bad. Security was fast and effective and it took my about 5 minutes to get through. After that I went to they gate which was C10.

At the gate, I downloaded some charts on foreflight and texted my mom that I was at the airport and waiting for the flight to board. The captain sat right next to me soo we had a nice chat and told me that it was go home day for him and that he was going to get us to Dallas early. We boarded right on time at 0535 and I was in group 5 with seat 6C which is a main cabin extra seat!

On board the aircraft, I sat down in my seat which was really comfortable and all around me the airplane was cleaned and sanitized. After pushing back on time we made a short taxi to Runway 16R and successful took off before the sun was rising! After a bit of a bumpy departure, we reached our cruise of 37,000 flight for the remainder of our 3 hour flight!

There was no on board service during the flight, however AA does provide little snack bags made up of water, biscoff cookies and a sanitizer wipe! The cookies and water are my favorite as I didn’t have any breakfast and was starving. After the quick service I fell asleep for about an hour. After the hour nap, we were making our final descent into Dallas!

Making out final descent, the captain came on the PA and told us we would be landing about 20 minutes early which was great as it gave me extra time to find some food and make my connection. The pilot literally buttered the bread on the landing on 36R and we made the long taxi to Gate C28. We had to deplane by rows to make CDC requirements of Social distancing. It went smooth and was off the plane in 5 Minutes.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding the flight and as always enjoy the pictures below!


Amazing trip report!

Keep it up!

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No sharklets? Darn I love those on A321s.


No sharklets. Old US airways bird


U spelt incredible incorrectly 😂

Nice shots btw

Or maybe you just dont get the title…

@N1RG I think i may have gotten it.


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