Trip Report! American Eagle Embraer ERJ-175

Hello IFC:

Today I present you another flight review. This flight review will be focused on American Airlines Flight (Operated by Envoy Air( 3377 from Bill and Hillary National AIrport, Adams Field (KLIT) to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport onboard one of my favorite airplanes, the Embraer ERJ-175. This flight was operated by N272NN and went out of Gate 5. This flight occured on Monday, August 17th, 2020. This flight review will be different in the stance that before I got to fly, I had to work in the morning. Some of you might ask why i took an afternoon flight after working in the morning but I wanted to and did go to two cities and this was the only way for it to work out nicely. So, what are those two cities. The two cities that I had planned for this trip were Reno, NV to see my brother who took a job out there for his current company and then down to Phoenix, AZ to see some good friends and hangout with them. All of these flights will have reviews on them. So, now that you guys have a little background information, lets get started.

Once i got off of work, I changed out of my work clothes to some street clothes and then went to my car to drop off those and to pick up a few more items that i had purposely left in there so I did have to lug everything around. Once I did that, it was 1115am local time and it was time to go through security. Since this was a 1230 departure, and nothing really happens around noon at my local airport, it took like a minute to get through. At 1117am, I went to gate and hung around there for a while and then finally at 1140am, I got my baording pass. This flight was a full flight but I got lucky and got a first class seat and oh did it feel good to have a nice seat after a long morning of working and an even longer day of traveling out west. My seat assignment for this leg was seat 4D and it turned out that i had my own row to myself which was even better. At 1202pm, we started boading and since we were all going to the same place origianly, I was in no hurry to board. I did of course eventually board and at 1227pm, we pushed from the gate. We had a short 3 minute taxi over to runway 4R and exaclty on time at 1230 we thundered down the runway and were airborne into the hot Arkansas summer sky. The flight was smooth and uneventful and 20 minutes from landing at 1301, we started our inital descent into the greater Dallas Fort Worht area. At 1321, we pulled into the gate. Todays gate assignment was B46. Deplaning was quick and easy and I started my way over to my next flight which would take me from Dallas Fort Worth Interantional Airport to Phoeinx Sky Harbor Internaitonal AIrport.

Overall, this was another uneventual flight with a great crew and of course a great plane. Comment below, what do you think of these flight reviews and what is your favorite regional plane?

@CaptainZac check this out!


Interesting trip report, thanks for sharing. Seems like an easy flight too.

I do have a few questions though.

  1. Was this a last minute flight or was it planned?
  2. You said it was a “full flight”, however somehow you got upgraded to first class and had the row to yourself. How’s this possible?
  3. Why did you say “@CaptainZac check this out!”. Are you trying to overturn his review of the American E175 in which you had concerns with?

Here are the comments in your topic in which my concerns arose from.

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did you come in last night? There were some pretty nasty storms causing a lot of diversions and holdings

I took this last night

Assume best intentions, not everything is a race and not everything is a competition. @N1RG probably wanted @CaptainZac to see it to compare experiences.

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It was a full flight. That was with all the standbys on the plane. This was planned about a week ahead of time.
I only tagged Zac so he could look at it and check it out because I thought he would enjoy it. Nothing more, nothing less.


No. I was there on Monday evening as well as Wednesday all day. Left Thursday afternoon

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Ahhh, gotcha. Thanks for clarifying :)

I look forward to seeing your next trip report!

Next trip report will be out tomorrow in the morning. Probably around the sometime this one was posted.

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