Trip Report: American Eagle E175

Hey everyone!
Last Friday, for the holidays, I took my last flight of the year to hang out with my dad. I flew on a American Eagle E175 from LAX-SFO. The flight was a little over an hour. I flew unaccompanied so I was only able to choose my seat 48 hours before my flight.

Plane: N210NN

Credit goes to Sam Thomas for this photo.
Seat: 13A

To get to the American Eagle terminal, I had to take a bus from terminal 5.

Here was boarding the E175. The windows are huge, and most of the seats were well aligned to them.

There was a beautiful sunrise but once we approached SFO, it was raining. The legroom was decent also. The flight attendant gave me extra snacks which was really cool!

If you have time, you should check out my social media’s where I posted about the flight!

Thank you for joining me on my trip report! Have any of you flown the E175? Tell me in the comments!


I have flown on the E-jet series multiple times, and every time, I’m blown away by the legroom. Although it may only be an inch or two extra, it seems like it’s so much more

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How did it feel / how was your experience flying unaccompanied at your age?

I feel like I could totally do it but it would be a really weird experience.

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Compass Airlines 😍😍! I love them! I’ve never flown in the 175, but I sure do love the look of it. Nice post 👍🏻

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Great trip report! I love those winglets! :D

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The AA E-jets are surprisingly comfortable than what you’d expect. It appears you were happy, so was i when i went on them!

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Oh this is nothing! I’ve flown unnacompanied when I was 12. This was my third time.

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Pretty amazing Trip Report as usual Cole.

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Nice trip report Cole!

I’ve surprisingly never been on an Embraer considering the frequency I fly and travel. I usually have a negative view towards these small regional jets due to the legroom and poor cabin design. However, based on what I saw in your report, it looked pretty nice. I don’t think I’ll be on a Embraer any time soon, but maybe I could catch her one day.


Nice trip report!

E175 = The best regional jet, no questions. More comfortable than most mainstream narrow bodies too.

Glad to see you enjoyed your flight!

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Here is my landing video!

Dang that landing looked rough. Hope you enjoyed your flight though!

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Yeah, it was a hard one. The flight was great though!

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