Trip Report: American Airlines E-190 DCA-ATL

With the recent retirement of American’s E-190s, I decided to make a (long overdue) trip report for the flight I took on one back in February (and yes I’m using Sanspotter’s trip reports as a base)

Flight Number: AA1718
Route: Washington, D.C. (DCA) - Atlanta, GA (ATL)
Date: Friday, February 14, 2020
Aircraft Embraer ERJ-190
Regristration: N959UW
Duration: 2 hours 4 minutes
Seat: 9A

DCA is close to DC, but it’s not that close. Although I technically wasn’t late, it sure felt like it as I arrived at the airport only about an hour before the flight.

Wait…is that…

DSC00716 (2)
Maryland One? Guess I wasn’t late for everything!

Almost there…

My flight departed at 2:15PM, so there wasn’t much parking available. I found a space though, and to check-in I went.

You know you’re at a airport when you see an Air Traffic Control tower. DCA’s is my personal favorite #nobias

American Check-In at Terminal C

The security check was uneventful other than a short hold up in the line because someone forgot to bring identification

Before I get into the meat of this trip report, just know that my camera camera battery was malfunctioning the entire trip, and I had to take it out and re-insert it 20-30 times before the camera would turn on. This meant I couldn’t take some pictures of the aircraft, etc.

View of the C concourse post-security

My flight departed from Gate 33 which was the first gate to the left in the concourse. I realized how lucky this was when I got there only a few minutes before boarding was called.

Here we go!

My particular aircraft, N959UW, was 12 years old at the time and had been operated by both US Airways and Midwest previously. Despite its age, the cabin was (for the most part) clean and well-maintained (from a glance)


A few minutes after we pushed back, the flight attendants began the safety presentation. They had to do it themselves because there are no PTVs on AA E190s, but that doesn’t really matter unless you’re flying something like PHL-AUS in it.

Fellow E190 landing at DCA

In what seemed like a second (time flies when you’re flying for the first time in a few months) we took off. The cabin was probable quiet elsewhere, but since I specifically chose seats next to the engine, the buzz was loud.

My view of the engine

As soon as we reached cruise, the captain informed us of a flight time of 2 hours with smooth winds down to Georgia. The flight attendants came around with drinks and Biscoffs, and the only thing I could think was American has these too?

Pretty sure that’s DC or Arlington

During the flight I basically just looked at the window and looked through the magazine. The E190 wasn’t really special other than the fact that it was being retired. The seats weren’t notably comfortable or uncomfortable, the plane didn’t have any outstanding amenities, and the flight was routine with nothing out of the ordinary happening. The only things I remember being surprising were the sound of the engines and the small size of the bathroom.

The touchdown was a bit hard, but was decent. I didn’t see any drinks hitting the ceiling :p

During the taxi to the gate, I saw tons of Delta planes at gates, taxiing, taking off, pushing back, and I thought to myself Who flies American into a Delta megahub???

Delta Skyteam 767-400ER at ATL

Parked next to our sister aircraft, N958UW

De-planing was slow enough that I got a picture of my seat. When I got to the front, I asked to visit the cockpit, but since there was going to be a quick turnaround for DCA, I only got to take a picture.

The Headless Pilot

So long!


Nice review. I also flew this exact plane a few months ago from LGA-PHL. I enjoyed the plane and I’m glad I got to fly on it before they were retired

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Crazy thing, yesterday they finished farying the last of them from PIT-ROW, so there officially completely done now, likely to never fly again…

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Really nice trip report I enjoyed it! I was at DCA in November, I love going to that airport, hope you had a great time there!

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great trip report, and super big brain, i like how you continued the report after you reached 10 pictures!

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You can thank @Danman for that idea 🙃

His trip report is still the best I’ve read. You should check it out.

welp, this proves my point that AA is actually a good airline. Who serves good stuff.


Yep, the past 3 flights I’ve flown with them were great (not Delta great, but still good)

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