Trip Report! American Airlines A319 Dallas to Milwaukee in Main Cabin

Hey y’all!

Recently I flew from Dallas to Milwaukee to attend EAA Airventure as a CAP member supporting and helping run the airshow. I have made a trip report (and my goodness is today’s an interesting one) about both the flight there and the flight back (flight back report coming soon).

Info: American Airlines A319, DFW—MKE, seat 19A (Main Cabin)

So with that out of the way, here’s my trip report!

This was my first time flying out of DFW, my first time flying American, my first time flying an Airbus, and my first time flying to Milwaukee, so most things were not expected; I was discovering these things for the first time and this is my honest review. Enjoy!

Arriving at DFW was easy and security in Terminal A was painlessly fast.

While at DFW waiting for my 10:15 AM flight, besides getting my delicious, refreshing iced caramel macchiato from McDonalds, I walked around, took the Skylink for a few rides just for fun, and spotted some aircraft I had never seen before being in Alaska. Here’s a Skylink view of an American 772 and a gate view of a Korean Air 787-9! I have loads of spotting photos; if you’re interested, feel free to shoot me a PM!

Here’s the interesting part: the part in between when my flight was supposed to actually board and when we departed was too busy for me to be taking pictures of what happened. It should be noted that I honestly don’t believe any of this is American’s fault.

So we board as normal, we push back as normal, we taxi as normal, all at a normal time. As we approach the line for takeoff, I hear a winding down noise, like when you get to the gate and shut down. But I also heard an engine still running. I think it’s them shutting one down to save fuel because DFW has long lines. Once we get back to the gate though, I’m pretty sure it was perhaps an engine failure. I hear a lot of PTU sounds, as if they’re trying to start the engine again. The PTU was cool to hear for like 20 minutes lol. The captain comes on and says something along the lines of, “Ladies and gentlemen, we do have an indication up here that we do have a maintenance issue and will need to return to the gate.”

I’m a pretty understanding guy, and I know about aviation, so I understand this one. Things happen. We get to the gate, and we sit in the plane until it’s “fixed.” For 10 minutes… for 20 minutes… for 30 minutes…until finally the captain says we will need to disembark the aircraft and they will pull one from the hangar as soon as they can.

We disembark the aircraft and now I have a little bit of time which would turn into a big bit of time to get some lunch because it’s now lunch time. The new gate we parked at had Chick Fil A right in front of it so I was very happy. Again though, I understand things and I pretty much don’t get mad, so I was never unhappy really. Allow me to plug my IF swag and chikin nuggies with medium fries and unsweet tea 😎

While eating my lunch, we are told that our gate has changed to Terminal A (we were in Terminal C). More Skylink!

Fast forward 20 minutes and we get handed another gate change but just on the other side of Terminal A. After all that, we eventually board…. at 2:00 PM.

We board a new A319; yay, we’re on the plane!

45 minutes later

k we’re on a plane

We sit on the ground for 45 additional minutes waiting for, first, the weight/balance guys to finish paperwork, then for a ground crew to push us back.

FINALLY we’re pushed back.

We taxi like normal until we get to the line for takeoff. We know that there are lines for takeoff, usually just as long as typical Chick Fil A lines. No big deal, right? THREE HOURS LATER, kind of a big deal.

American Airlines A319:


Apparently the three hours sitting in an American A319 economy seat (oof) was due to a thunderstorm north of the airport. Fine, understandable, yet uncomfortable.

For reference, I am six feet tall. This was my legroom on that A319. The arrow is pointing to the relationship between my leg and the seat in front of me.

I don’t complain about much so it was tolerable but to be honest, uncomfortable to sit in for an additional 3 hours than planned.

Finally, we’re in the air, 6.5 hours later than we were supposed to be

Here’s a view of the beautiful clouds as we climb out of Dallas! Everything looks better from the air.

Finally (the word of the day of that flight) the more trip report-y stuff.

The flight attendants were great and very friendly. The complimentary service included the greatest cookie known amongst aviation enthusiasts, mini pretzels, and your selection of various soft drinks, water, OJ, and for our more “experienced” audience, certain types of alcoholic beverages were also available on board.

When I requested the full can of Diet Coke, they gladly gave me a full can and a cup of ice. It was really satisfying seeing the foam in the sunlight.

From there, it was a smooth 2 hour flight to Milwaukee. Here’s final approach in Milwaukee with the beautiful Lake Michigan in the background.

Thanks for reading my trip report! I know it was really long but it was an interesting story to tell. Next trip report will probably not be as long. I’ll also be making YouTube video versions of these when I can.

See you next time!


Nice detailed report! I flew American trans-con and when a flight gets delayed or cancelled they don’t handle it too well in my opinion. I do my best to fly with other airlines nowadays to avoid some issues. Thanks for sharing the report!

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Thanks for reading!

I’d say they handled mine pretty okay. At least it wasn’t canceled 😅

We were kept informed throughout the time.

Also now I know, it’s very possible to get delAAyed on American. I like Southwest better anyway (even though I’ve never flown them lol) and I’ll be flying them next time. American was good but Southwest is easier, and bags are free (AA had me paying $30 for my one bag on both flights)

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Yea one of my planes had a flat tire on pushback so we came back to the gate, flight got cancelled, next day comes it’s like 7 am and then the flight gets delayed 2 hours because of poor crew scheduling. Now this could easily just have been my experience, but I’m not gonna risk it again lol.

Oof. I’ve heard of stories like that happening a lot on AA.

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Ew that’s a disgrace to the south.

Anyways awesome trip report and heres a matching photo to yours from DFW 2 years ago!


Thanks for reading, and nice picture!

I know, and I like sweet tea, I’m just watching my sugar intake 😂 Both are really good


Welcome to American, where if there’s delays, we are guaranteed to mess it up.

I know this from a higher amount of experience than I care to admit…

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American has my record for most delays, I’ve flown them like 20 times and at least 10 had at least an hour delay.

American Airlines moment 😳

Nonetheless, great trip report. Good to see AA doing what it’s good at, being delayed!

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In typical AA fashion.

My mom has a story that has ended her relationship with American Airlines.
She had to go from CHO-PHL-ORD-ABQ but her first leg was delayed which made her late for her second leg and then she missed her last leg to ABQ. She then went to an American Airlines customer service person and they completely ignored her and ended up getting stuck in ORD.
Long story short she ended up getting to ABQ and on her way back her flight was delayed again and she had to spend the night in Chicago and then catch a different flight to Charlotte then fly to CHO the next morning.

In that end when we have to fly, we don’t take American.

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I’ll take them when I don’t have to be somewhere at a certain time. Thanks for reading!

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Wow. Thanks for reading!

You mean, delAAyed? 😂


Is American, the Tunisair TunisLate of the US? 😅


If you didn’t know, the national airline of Tunisia is unfortunately know for theirs very delayed flights, all the time.

Anyway, awesome trip report @SWAviator!


How did I not see this?!

First off, you mentioned nothing about the amazing airport you arrived at. Now I may be biased… not really if I’m gonna be fair. Love MKE, you probably flew right over my house, and great report. Always fun seeing people fly into Milwaukee.


Thanks man!

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As a letter of fact I loved that amazing airport lol except that there is literally one food option in terminal D

I actually ordered Subway on my phone, left security, walked a freakin mile to subway, ate, and walked back and went through security again 😂 Made it to my flight on time though 👌

I don’t think I’ve been on a single American flight that hasn’t been delayed 😂

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Great pictures! I don’t fly American too often, but the last time I flew them (KSAT-KDFW-KSEA) we were way delayed out of San Antonio. We were literally sprinting through the airport in DFW trying to catch our connecting flight lol. We had to go to a different terminal as well, so that was fun…

Anyway, cool report! (also, DFW Chick Fil A is amazing lol)

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