Trip Report - American Airlines 787-9 [LAX-DFW, Flagship Business]

First things first let’s buckle those belts we should get one thing out of the way.

This trip was paid in full by myself, not my parents. I seen some comments before about that “daddy’s money” crap. I am lucky to have a well paying job that allows me to do this kind of stuff every so often.

Hello, everybody! A few weeks back I decided to take a one-night trip to LAX since it was a very rare occasion that my dad would be in Los Angeles for a work trip on a weekend. I flew out on an A321neo and did some spotting (and met up with @infiniteflight_17 👀). The following day I took my flight back on the 787-9 in Flagship Business, for a surprising low price of $488. Not exactly cheap, but still significantly lower than normal. This was my first time flying anything but Economy, so I was pretty hyped about it.

I woke up at 7am for my 9:30am flight out, packed my stuff (and missed the 8am shuttle because I couldn’t find my wallet). Security was quick and easy, got through in 7 minutes. Terminal 4 was relatively clean and not too crowded. We departed out of Gate 43 on N840AN, a 1.7 year old aircraft.

I selected seat 8L for this flight (the only window seat left). You could see the gorgeous fanblades in the sun.

(Both pictures taken after landing in Dallas)

The seat was very comfortable and could go fully flat for a bed. The cabin was very clean. We pushed back 9 minutes late.

The departure out of LAX was very smooth. We departed on 25R and climbed out over the ocean briefly, and I could see San Diego as we crossed back over land.

The snack service (which I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of) consisted of yogurt and some nuts (they were out of croissants) and also came with a water, a Coke (which I received upon request) and a Biscoff cookie. Not a bad snack service at all.

The window tinting is a very cool feature on the Dreamliner. The crew had it tinted blue most of the flight until landing, however, but I didn’t mind since I was watching Fury. AA’s inflight entertainment is pretty good, too.

After a nice and smooth ride with light turbulence here and there, and we began our descent into the DFW area. We entered downwind to 18L from the south and got a nice view showing how massive DFW really is.

As we came in to land on 18L (@Speedyyy attempted to spot me but was on the wrong runway) we glided down over Lake Grapevine, bringing my very enjoyable 2 hour and 29 minute flight to an end (and 17 minutes early)

Crossing over the south bridge, we taxiied around to Terminal A and parked at gate A34.

That’s the end, I guess. Very fun flight, very friendly crew, smooth ride. I look forward to my next trip.

Side note: masks were required the entire duration of the flight except when eating or drinking, as well as inside both airports. Don’t be an idiot and wear a mask so we can get corona over with.

Should I make a trip report for my outbound on the A321neo?

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See y’all next time!



at least i got a picture of you still


Can confirm this does indeed mean it is AA.

Lovely job, looks like it was a good flight!

'Till next time @Altaria55…until next time…

Also…how did you pay for the trip, was it “mommy’s money”?

Just kidding.

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Nice trip report! Come to Buffalo next time 👀👀👀

Sick photos! Love the trip report.

My outbound to LAX was 27 minutes early

You come to Dallas there’s nothing in buffalo lol

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