Trip Report: American Airlines 757-200 Dallas/Fort Worth To Las Vegas ( + Answer Questions For A Possible Shoutout!)

Trying something new with this. At the end of the video, there are three “trivia questions” you can answer in the comments section of the video. When I post my next trip report (either this weekend or next) you have a chance of receiving a shoutout in that video, if you answer all three questions correctly.

Flight Information:
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Airline: American Airlines
Date: Early July 2019
Flight Time: 2 Hours & 10 Minutes
From: Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)
To: Las Vegas McCarran (LAS)
Seat: 36F

This was a flight in July of this year. This was my first time flying the 757 for a couple of years. They’re set to be retired, but American has pushed back the retirement date for now. They’ll most likely begin retirement once the A321XLRs arrive in 2023.

This was my first time seeing the refreshed Volaris livery in person. This flight was either departing to Guadalajara or Volaris’ new destination from DFW, Durango.

Upon boarding, I was greeted with this stunning view next to Qantas’ A380.

This is the American Airlines 757-200 Economy Class seat. Simply barren, no personal entertainment screens, 31 inches of pitch. Relatively standard seat. I sat in the last row, however. The legroom felt really tight for the industry standard “31 inches of pitch”, so I’m uncertain if it was just the last row which had slightly reduced legroom.

American’s 757-200s still feature the large overhead screens.

We had a beautiful takeoff with fantastic views of the terminals. In the video, you can see aircraft such as American Airlines’ 737-800 Reno Air retro livery, the Qantas A380, British 772, and more.

The flight was pretty uneventful afterwards. FAs came by to serve a choice of drink and pretzels/Biscoff cookies.

The landing was uneventful from a video perspective as it got dark (iPhone 6+ seriously can’t seem to capture light in the darkness… any recommendations?).

LAS’ terminal is fantastic. Really spacious and vibrant. It sets the Vegas mood immediately.

And, we’ve got this nice aircraft.

Short Summary:
It’s a nice flight, uneventful yet rather uncomfortable due to the tight seats found in this aircraft. It’s always great to fly on an aircraft that’s no longer being manufactured and will immeniently be retired in the near future. American uses this exact aircraft type for medium-haul international flights such as Philadelphia to Shannon/Edinburgh, Dallas/Fort Worth to Lima, Miami to Brasilia, and the upcoming Philadelphia to Casablanca route… I seriously doubt I could survive in this seat for flights past 7 hours.

What are your thoughts? Have you flown in American’s 757-200 Economy Class?

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Awesome review!

I think the international routes have better seats. They have seat entertainment etc. they just don’t update the ones they plan to use on those routes. As most likely that will be the only 757 that flys that route. I’m not sure about that but it’s possible they upgraded the international ones.

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Nah, American uses this exact 757 configuration for international routes. Business class however does have lie-flat seats and tablets, but still no installed seatback entertainment.

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Oop, ok. That sounds awful.

I have flown it quiet a few times. Hawaii being the most recent from PHX. I will say it’s a wonderful machine and for me, the legroom is fine. I’m 5’4” so take it withba grain of salt

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Its American, what do you expect?

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American actually has a different configuration for Phoenix to Hawaii 757s as they were Legacy-U.S. Airways aircraft. I believe they have 12 First Class reclining seats, but their Economy Class seats are slightly different with no movable headrest and apparently slightly more legroom.

Personally, I’ve found the 737s/A321s with IFEs to be fairly comfortable. These outdated ones however, not so much.

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