Trip report |American A321| Into Philadelphia


Hello fellow pilot enthusiast.I have come today with my second trip report.I flew from the gorgous island of Nassau,Bahamas to Philadelphia,Pennsylvania via the American A321.

We had an unannounced gate change as a Jetblue A320 that was said arrived early as usual❤❤ occupied our gate.As soon as I got on the plane, I was greeted by one of the 3 pilots on board.I sat in business class for this trip.Leg space was great for my long legs! We did not pushback long after boarding.

We had a bumpy, but smooth takeoff out of NAS.We hit a little turbulence once we were in the clouds.

We did not have much to eat durong the flight.We had the uasual Biscoffs and we had a choice of coffee and apple juice.I drank all the coffee before I could remember to take the picture, but I got one with the Apple juiceIMG_20190525_225558_395
The FAs were more polite than you could ever ask for (for those who think AA FAs are rude).

We had a rough decent.From the information provided by the pilots Philadelphia’s airspace was congested.The pilots were told to speed up slow down and, we had to circle about 4 times.Message from the captain: “ATC told us to speed up, slow down, decent, ascend and circle, but hopefully this will be our last circle”.The landing felt like the DCA rivee visual were there was so much turns while on final.Everyone got scared at one point thinkinv something was wrong because there was so much turns and turbulence.Luckily he landed safely with a grease, although after touch down and the pilot wss trying to slow down, it felt like we were on a pile of rocks were it was so bumpy.
Taxing to gate and deboarding

Taxi was smooth and it was not to long.There were so much American Airlines parked up at thr gate, till you would thinking AA only flys there.IMG_20190525_225558_394
Apparently my dad knows the captain very well, so he introduced me to the captain and the captain introduced me to the other 2 pilots!All three of them gave me some tips and told me to follow my dreams.It was a nice flight overall, and hope to have future flights like or similar to this.Hope you enjoy!


The pictures aren’t working.

They’re working for me

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Are they working now?

I highly recommend American though.

Did you get to visit the cockpit?

Yes, I did.

Nice trip report! You could use a bit more pictures, though.

What time of day did you land?

The afternoon

It gets pretty crazy around then, especially with all the storms lately.

It was not as bad as I thought.It was on the weekend so the traffic was pretty slow.And I think someone put Philadelphia in an oven for how hot it was

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