Trip Report - Allegiant isn't so Bad?

Howdy! I just came back from a trip and took some pictures and figured I’d share them.

Like the name suggests, I flew on Allegiant. It was my first time with the airline, and my first time flying to and from Sanford (KSFB) and Asheville, NC (KAVL). It was a short flight, 1hr 17min.

Camera: Google Pixel 6A

Allegiant during cruise to Asheville.

Deplaning at KAVL

Shortly after exiting the terminal, I saw a Chinook flying in. You’d be surprised how loud they are.

Departing KAVL after a 2 hour delay. Sanford, here we come!

Bonus picture: Delta Connection CRJ900 at Asheville

Other Bonus Picture: Somehow, I found an A340 just sitting out at Sanford.

Well, in summary, if it’s your only option, I’d say yes, you should fly Allegiant. It’s the only budget airline I’ve ever flown on, but it’s pretty good. I wouldn’t fly it for too long, though, because the seats don’t provide much cushioning.

The flights were both pretty good, but the second one had some rough turbulence throughout the whole flight, and the landing was pretty Ryanair. The flight attendants were very nice, too.

What was your favorite picture?

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They are. My family’s home is near an RAF base and we would get Chinooks flying over sometimes.


Wow, the Pixel 6 camera is really nice! Hope you had a nice flight, for a budget airline it seems pretty nice!

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Thank you! The 6A I have heard is one of the best cameras for a phone! I personally am not a fan of Apple itself (for whatever reason; I really don’t have any valid reasons for hating it) so I always try to get Android products.

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I fly allegiant from Punta Gorda to Providence very often and always have had a wonderful experience with them. Though a few days ago a plane made a trip from PGD to PVD and they canceled the return trip to PGD. Appears the aircraft (N241NV) on Jan 19th had a technical problem maybe and was flown to CVG the following day.

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I get to see Allegiant A319s and A320s (and long ago their MD-80s) a few times a week, so nice to see them land a RWA topic!

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Haha, nice pun. Though usually aviation jokes wouldn’t fly with me…

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I don’t love allegiant but they are pretty convenient sometimes. Ive flown them JAX-BNA and JAX-BLV (2X) because they are so much cheaper.

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When I flew to Asheville, it was because it was direct, and also apparently Sanford is so much better to fly out of than Orlando. Also, you can fact-check me on this, but while I was in Asheville, I saw what I interpreted as they have direct flights to Orlando. IDK if this is the case, and if so, what airline, but it seemed intriguing to me at the time that I saw it.

Can I correctly assume that you are a fellow Floridian?

well that took me a long time to figure out the pun, didn’t even realize i made it!

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That would be correct, I come down to Orlando for flights occasionally but never to Sanford so far. Allegiant does not fly to MCO, only SFB. They have a good number of JAX flights which is nice.

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The flight wasn’t on Allegiant bc I know that they don’t fly to any major airports

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I meant that Asheville as an airport offered Orlando as a destination I think

Only thing bad about allegiant is the seats


Should I do another trip report like this soon?

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  • No

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