Trip Report-Air India 111

Yesterday I took a flight to London from New Delhi. The aircraft was a brand new Boeing 787-8, only 3 weeks old. I didn’t get much sleep as I was busy taking pictures and filming.

The aircraft I flew on, registration VT-AND

I lucked out with a window seat that had a view of the engine and wing

Lifting off from runway 11 at VIDP- 7:30 AM local time

About 10 minutes into cruise, we were served breakfast. I went with an omelet, muffin, some assorted fruit and water.

About 4.5 hours into the flight, we were served lunch. I chose the non-veg option which consisted of chicken, rice, fruit, and water.

About an hour and a half before landing, we were served dinner. This time I chose the vegetarian option which consisted of rice and rajma, a classic Indian meal. It also came with water, bread and fruit.

We started descent as the captain announced that there would be heavy crosswinds in London for our landing

Touching down on runway 27L after 10 hours

Parked at the gate 1:17 PM local time

The captain was kind enough to let me sit in the left seat and take a photo

Overall, I would rate the flight an 8/10 with good service.


your first like, good job

This is a very clever way to post screenshots I really like it!

Amazing @Guxk

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Amazing trip report, I thought it was real until I saw the pictures😂


Fantastic shots love it ✈️✈️♾

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