Trip Report - Air Canada CRJ900 to Philly and Back

Yesterday afternoon I flew to Philadelphia on one of Air Canadas CRJ-900s. Enjoy

  1. C-GFJZ, a 17 year old CRJ-900 arriving at the gate in Toronto

  1. Found my seat

  1. Departure

  1. Flying over Harrisburg PA

  1. Touchdown in Philadelphia (this landing was absolutely terrible and the pilot couldn’t land the CRJ smoothly if his life depended on it)

  2. Hopped back on the plane for the flight back to Toronto

  1. Departure from Philly

  1. Cruising

  1. Descending into Toronto

  2. Another horrid landing

Shortly after exiting the runway, the plane disappeared out of thin air because the pilot was in a rainbow six siege match.

Let me know if I should do more of these


Good job ! Love this guys who are making trip reports in IF haha

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yeah theyre really fun to look at

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I’m dead 😭

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aint no way i was gonna lose that game

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