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I will be flying with British Airways next week, and I’m hoping to make my first trip report on the IFC. What advice do you have? What should I make sure to include? Please tell me your thoughts. Thanks!

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Food service

I have never done a flight review, but the only advice from me is to do a voice-over rather than recording your speech during your flight. Not only does it annoy the passengers around you, but the audio quality may be muffled and not as good as if you did a voice-over.


Check in
Lounges (if applicable)
Clearing customs (if applicable)


Just film everything and stick it together! Here’s mine I just posted today:

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Watch Sam Chui or Jeb Brooks as they make really good trip reports, then type it out or do a voiceover post flight.


I tend to follow this

  • Arrival at origin
  • Boarding
  • Taxi/Takeoff
  • Service/ maybe cabin tour Service includes food, crew, seat, and bathroom.
  • Arrival
  • Final remarks and maybe spotting pics


  • lounge
  • scenic views
  • Special Planes/ liveries
  • Voiceover ( no go for me as I have a pretty deep voice lol )

Now if you are on multiple flights, it might be different. For short domestic flights I don’t go into depth. The main leg is what I highlight most.

Chui is on a different level. He gets paid for some and has many privileges that most don’t. Jeb Brooks on the other hand, is a good one to study though. Anyone can replicate his reports which I really admire. He’s at the top of my list of favorite trip reporters

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Or just look at my tripreport lol

If you don’t feel like speaking, I’ve got a few trip reports with text overlay. Just include as many details as possible.


Just watch Jeb Brooks. He’s really good at them.

Really good trip report. I would say some parts were a bit rushed, however I really liked the choice of music in your time lapses.


I’d try to include pics (and descriptions) of the following:
-Pics of airport
-Pics of any interesting spotting you do (other A/C you see)
-Pics of your plane from gate (include tail number and info about the plane!)
-Pics of seating/legroom
-Pics out the window if you’re in a window seat
-Pics of food service if applicable.
-If you’re able to-video of Takeoff/landing/flap extension etc etc.

There was a great Aer Lingus video trip report recently. If I can dig it up I’ll link it here.

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