Trip Report: AC10 Narita to Toronto (Economy Preferred)

Hello members of IFC, I guess this is a trip report of my flight AC10 NRT-YYZ

My plane (I reused this photo from my spotting topic)

We started with a delay of about 1 hour due to slow passengers, which put me in a not very good mood. What put me in an even less good mood was that I didn’t get a window seat (I got 31D which is in the center of the 788’s 3-3-3 configuration).

Here is said seat with very good legroom even though I’m a pretty short person (around 5’7). Also free leg reveal

Dinner came about 30 minutes after reaching cruise altitude, our options were beef with rice or chicken with pasta. I chose the beef, which was pretty good. It also came with bread, cold noodles, and a pasta salad. The noodles were very good but the pasta salad and bread kinda sucked.

After dinner I decided to check out the IFE and watched Tokyo Drift. Unfortunately the screen was kind of tilted due to our plane being an old bird (9 years old). After finishing the movie I decided to sleep for a little, and surprisingly I slept for 5 hours (according to my mom).

In the IFE there was also a flight sim mode which looked like this

Breakfast came shortly after I took the picture of the HUD. Our choices were pancakes or udon noodles. I chose the udon and my mom chose pancakes. Both meals came with fruit and bread. The udon was decent, and the fruit and bread were very good.



Descent began about 30 minutes after breakfast, as is shown here

A view from a very orange door window

We ended up arriving 45 minutes late, and the cabin started rattling when we landed, which was a Ryanair out of 10. In addition to that, we had to wait a little for our gate to clear out.

Here’s a TAP A321Neo which I was surprised to see at Toronto (I thought they used the A330)

Overall Rating (the @Butter575 Scale with an added category)

Topic Rating
Seat: 9/10
Food: 7/10
IFE: 4/10
Service: 9/10
Landing: 3/10
Total: 32/50

Thanks for reading all of this and bye


I think the TAP A321 is an XLR, (Xtra long range),
wich Middle east airlines are thinking to use tu go from beirut to africa (it is operated with a332s.) I am not sure about it but i think that’s the thing!
Nice trip report! Bu’bye!!

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It’s just the regular LR. The XLR isn’t in service yet.


Haha love the name. Nice trip report

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Ouch can’t imagine sitting on a narrowbody for more than 4 hours really

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@RyanairLander what day did you fly back?

July 3rd Japanese time July 4th CST


yeah same, sounds like a nightmare

TAP a330 used to come to YYZ but now the a320 comes.

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