Trip Report: AAL229 DFW-KOA

Good evening IFC:
Today, I had the wonderful privilege of flying not one, but two flights today to get to my final destination of well, Kona, Hawaii. Our first flight was MEM-DFW on an MD-83 but our second flight was the one I did the flight review on. First of all, the aircraft was a 2003 Boeing 777-200. It was N766AN. Our flight number was AA229 and we went up to an altitude of FL340 and then climbed to FL360. The flight was 97% smooth and I even got to talk the captain. Now, for the flight review.

Aircraft and IFE: 10/10. The 2003 Boeing 777 was clean and boarding was smooth. The IFE had plenty of choices from movies like: Toy Story, Incredibles, Top Gun, etc as well as games, live tv and music.

Food and overall crew experience: 9/10. The food was good as we got a BBQ chicken wrap as well as drinks and since I was hungry after that I bought the cheese platter which was better than the BBQ chicken wrap. The crew was super friendly and came back every hour or so with drinks and food items. I even got to talk to the captain right before he went on his test.

Landing: The Landing wasn’t exactly the greatest but we did arrive 30 minutes early. Landing was 7/10.

Overall Experience 9.5/10
The flight overall was on-time, clean and the crew was fantastic. The food was probably the only downside (minus the 8 hour and 15 min flight) and even that wasn’t that bad. Overall, I am pleased with yet another wonderful expierncd with American Airlines. Down below are some random photos I took. Enjoy.


Nice Photos! Keep it up 😉

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😱 your in Kona!! Meeee toooo!

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😳😳 omg might get that ifc meet up

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