TRIP REPORT : A long 11 hours on the A330

Hello everyone , here’s my trip report from Manchester to Chongqing (ZUCK) on the Hainan A330 ! 23/10/21

Here’s our ride today at Terminal 1

Due to the cost of living we will be flying in economy today. Leg room isn’t too bad but may have a few cramps when we land 🙄

Shortly after boarding we start our pushback/taxi. Pretty sure we was behind schedule & the pilot didn’t want to miss their departure slot !

We took off runway 23L and immediately started banking to the left. You can still see the taxi way at the end of 23L.

Fast forward a few hours later the cabin crew start to serve food when crossing over Russia.

One of the cabin crew noticed I had been documenting the whole flight & kindly offered if I would like a photo of the cockpit.

After my meal I was really bloated so decided to take a nap which resulted in 8 hours lol. We started to get ready for descent.

On final approach & my friend who I was visiting took a picture from his house !

After 11 hours of flying we finally arrived & yes I did have a cramp in my leg which was kinda painful.

Thanks for viewing my thread see you on another trip report !


Nice photos! The A330 is so fun to fly!

Have a great rest of your day!


Great trip report! This actually was a charter flight for students with partnership with 23 UK Uni’s!


Not something you’d expect on a Chinese airline lol


Looks like it was a great flight, the window pictures are amazing.

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Yeah definitely one of the most underrated in IF !

Oh really I never knew ! That’s cool , usually Hainan go to Beijing but when I seen this route a while ago I thought let’s try it out.

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Well someone is going to be in trouble lol

At least it wasn’t a Chinese manufacturer.

Thank you very much !

This was actually my first trip report.

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