Trip Report: 3 flights+business class to Dublin

Hey guys! Yesterday I flew to Dublin for through Charlotte on standby. Here are the highlights from my trip!

Unfortunately the nonstop flights to Charlotte were looking full, so I decided to play it safe and connect through DCA. Not that I’m complaining; DCA is one of my favorite airports. Our aircraft was a seven year old Embraer E175, with the registration N276NN.

On approach to DCA, we flew by Joint Base Andrew’s. If you zoom in you can see the hangar that houses the VC-25s known as Air Force One.

My next flight was roughly an hour hop down to Charlotte, on N909NN, an eleven year old Boeing 737-800.

Climbing over the Pentagon.

The final leg on my journey would be with N779AN, a 22 year old Boeing 777-200ER, that would take us across the pond to Dublin.

I was lucky enough to get one of the business class seats on this flight, which was great because I desperately needed some sleep. I was in an aisle seat and a lady asked me to trade with her so she could sit next to her husband and, obviously I obliged to take his window seat.

I was served a delicious four course meal and was quickly rocked to sleep by gentle turbulence.

Several hours later I awoke as the cabin crew prepared the cabin for arrival into Dublin. It was a windy morning, making for an interesting approach and rather hard landing. Being the main hub for Ryanair, Dublin is no stranger to hard landings😆.

I hope you enjoyed my recap! I’ve been thinking about doing video reviews of these trips, comment if you’d be interested in that.

Also, here is my log of all the flights I’ve taken so far since I began working with American.


Gotta love always taking the most convoluted route possible to get anywhere, yeah? It’s so fun.

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Ha it’s great. I love taking extra flights.

I suppose as an outstation your options are slim lol. I had to endure a 7 hour layover in PHL coming back from Zurich on Monday. Gotta love it

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There were three different CLT flights I could’ve taken, they were all full. It’s a pretty popular route.

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Oof. That’s brutal. PHL isn’t the kind of airport one wants to spend 7 hours in, unless maybe you have lounge access.

I hung out at A West for most of it. There wasn’t a whole lot of activity as it pretty much only handles the international flights so it’s only really busy at night. Wasn’t too terrible

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I’ve actually never been to PHL. It’s the only AA hub I haven’t visited