Trip out EDDN to EDDL

Normally with around 50 flights per year I’m just the guy chillin in the back of the aircraft. Today I decided to make 2 small videos about the departure out of EDDN and the arrival at EDDL with a Eurowings 320.

If you like the videos I might do some more in the future.

The take off and landing are always the best part of a flight for me.

Have fun!


Sharklet! Looking nice with EW colours as usual! Thanks for sharing!

Also the wether in DUS seems like it was a bit gusty to say the least.


nice vid’s

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Wow how amazing!

Nice video :D

Very good! I like em’!😀

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Indeed it was. Didn’t expect that, the change of the air mass was already present.

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It sounds amazing, but it’s more or less like driving by train to work.

That was A Great Video, what kind of In-Flight Services were there? @Lars

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No in flight service. The flight was around 45 minutes and EW has only additional services for the bizz class. It’s more or less like Ryanair where you can buy additional drinks and food.

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oh ok thanks

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