Trip on United and Frontier (In which one of the two messes up badly)

But why would UA use a 789

Because they can. There is sufficient demand on these hub to hub routes.

Ok that is ridiculous. back on topic

Ah United! Flew them to Vegas about 3 months ago and enjoyed (most) of my experience. On par with Delta, at least domestically. But then: about a week ago, I booked ACA to Phoenix via SFO, the second leg on United. First leg on the ACA Dreamliner. It was gonna be my first flight on a dreamliner ever since VS moved all the dreamliners off the NYC route (booked that one too about 5 months earlier, but they moved the planes around 15 hours after booking so I cancelled). Booked, all was going well until 2 days later where expedia told us our ticket wasn’t accepted. Called United, they said we ‘didn’t pay enough for the ticket’. It was extra 600 a person. So we cancelled that and the dreamliner will have to wait :(. I don’t hate them but I was pretty frustrated.


What is vs and aca mean

virgin atlantic and air canada

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This is an example of what I was saying :)


What was the purpose of this trip? It seems as if you did DEN-SFO-SEA-DEN in one day.

All within 24 hours my bud. Got up at 4 am and got home at 11 PM

That’s not really true in itself. The 789 on DEN-SFO is a one-off. It may be operated daily but there are like 7-8 other daily departures on narrowbody aircraft. Using a 789 doesn’t affect demand.

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So you just stayed in the airport the whole time?

No, they run widebody flights as a way to reposition planes from hub to hub. Ex: CLT-PHL has 3 A332 flights for that purpose. Of course, you’ll see some used for a non spoke route to increase utilization in areas with higher demand.

Example, tropical places tend to see more capacity in the winter than summer…CLT-CUN gets an A333 in the winter compared to the summer its on an A321.

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You think what Robert did was crazy? Check out some of the travelers on IG…

*cough *cough Andrew De Los Santos
*cough cough Jason Standley

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and how is this relevant to the topic?

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cough cough nonrev


That’s why you should NEVER fly United.
I don’t know how you and Baboonboy manage to be in love with Frontier, but as long as you’re not flying WeHaveNoSpirit Airlines, I guess it’s ok.


@Joe would be proud.

But Frontier is a descent airline with great fares and destinations. You get what you pay for “No Thrills”

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Air New Zealand use 787-9 , 777-300ER and 777-200ER on multiple under 4 hour flights

And who do you fly? lol