TRIP Linhas Aéreas E175LR (old winglets)

TRIP Linhas Aéreas E175LR (old winglets)

About TRIP Linhas Aéreas

TRIP Linhas Aéreas was a Brazilian regional airline established in 1998. With 93 destinations inside Brazil, TRIP was considered the largest regional carrier in Latin America. In 2007, it signed a merging agreement with newly founded Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras, with the process having being completed in 2014, when TRIP officially ended operations on its name and IATA code,

About the E175

The Embraer E175, usually considered a stretched version of the E170, officially entered passenger operations in 2005 with Air Canada. With a typical capacity of around 75-80 passengers, it competes with the Bombardier CRJ900 in the regional and short haul market.

Why do we need this

It was officially announced a few hours earlier by an Infinite Flight Blog post that one variant of the E-Jets, that could be decided by a community poll, will be reworked after the addition of the A220 and rework of the F/A-18. The likelihood of the E175 winning this possible poll is really high, and this would be really sad to the Brazilian community since no airline in Brazil currently operates the E175. The addition of TRIP’s livery would allow users to fly routes inside Brazil (mainly current Azul routes) without having to use the generic aircraft.

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