Trip from MDPC to KBWI

Today I flew home from my vacation in the Dominican Republic by flying from Punta Cana (MDPC) to Baltimore (KBWI). I left my resort at 20 till 9 local time and arrived at the airport about 20 minutes later. I was the first to check in which meant I got a window seat on the flight. I spotted in the terminal until I boarded (2 hours late). I flew on an Xtra Airways B734 operated by Songbird Airways. Here are my pics from the flight.

Sunwing 737 prior to pushback

Pushing back with Thomson 788 in the background

Taxiing past SunCountry 738

Orenair 772


Climbing out. Narrowly missing a thunderstorm

Cruising near the Bahamas

Food was alright. At least it’s better than Air Koryo’s.

Some ships head southwards in the Atlantic as we cruise towards the USA’s eastern seaboard.

Beginning descent towards BWI through a large patch of clouds.

Broke out of the clouds.

We were then put into a holding pattern near the Metro DC area where we transitioned over KIAD and flew near Andrews AFB. This lasted for about 20 minutes before we continued our approach for rwy 15R at BWI.

Turning final.


Cought this WOW A330 taxiing in behind us.

That’s all for my flight experience while flying MDPC-KBWI. Thanks for viewing.


Amazing photos!

Never heard of those airlines. Looked like a beautiful airport! How was the ride on the classic 737?

It was good. We ran into some rough patches of weather and some turbulence though.

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