Trio to Osaka w/ Some Special Guests!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share some photos of my recent flight from Bangkok to Osaka with special guests @PocketRishi and @ElectricGalax-YT.

Flight Info
  • Server: Training Server
  • Route: VTBS - RJBB
  • CRZ: FL350
  • Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
  • Airline: Thai Airways
  1. Boarding at VTBS w/ @PocketRishi @ElectricGalax-YT

  2. Blasting out of Bangkok, while @PocketRishi begins his Takeoff roll!

  3. Here’s another one ;)

  4. Cruising at 35.000 FT, with a little guest! @Alaska_298_super_YT in a F22! He’s just a dot in this picture!

  5. Flying over Da Nang International Airport, Vietnam! VVDN

  6. Fast-forward across the South China Sea as we enter Japan!

  7. @ElectricGalax-YT went ahead due to time constraints, but I managed to get a shot of us as he was slowing down!

  8. Here’s @ElectricGalax-YT waiting for us already parked!

  9. Little Parallel Landing w/ @PocketRishi isn’t going to hurt anyone!

  10. Welcome to Kansai International Airport!

As always, thank you to @PocketRishi for hosting the event flight, it was a pleasure to fly with you guys!

Which was your favorite!
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Fantastic pictures

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Thank you!

Good job, Matt :)


Hahaha, hoped you liked my break - off maneuver! Lol

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Here is my shot next to rishi



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I don’t know why I like number 9 so much! Nice photos

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Thank you so much Matt for these great shots! Thanks once again for the flight. I’ll agree with the others that the 9th picture is the best. I’ll start making the video on this flight tomorrow. Looking forward to recording our paralell landing for the video!

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It’s the parallel landing maybe?

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Maybe you can use one as your thumbnail? ;)

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Your game has a fun very enjoy!

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