Trio Chats Poppin: From Noodles To The Tallest Building in the SQ 777-300ER

Trio Chats Poppin: Singapore-Dubai

Welcome! I’m back with a new premiere video, but this time under the channel Trio Chats Poppin. What is Trio Chats Poppin? A channel created by 3 IFC members to feature different members of the community who create YT videos on aviation. We’ll be opening up the channel to content creators in a precise manner soon, sort of like Audio Library.

Here’s our first video from Singapore-Dubai in the SQ B777-300ER. A fun flight, we hope that others fly it in the future (especially with the 777-300ER rework coming up, what’s not there to love? :)

Flight Details
  • SQ B777-300ER
  • Flight Time Around 6 Hours 45 Minutes

In order to watch the premiere, please click on the picture below!

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 5.54.46 PM

Thank you to @Texan & @ZeRo_37 for making this happen! Enjoy this video & we’ll see you in the next one :)


Royalty checks here we come. /s

Very interesting idea!


Hahaha Trio!

I suppose we won’t be able to monetize for a few months though… unless we got way too much support. Then you can take your royalty checks 😜

My people will talk to your people.


So, Trio, did you have a chance to see it?

Also, thank you @Ishrion, I’m glad you were able to make it!

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Ahh, so it was you guys in that group flight all headed to Dubai. If I am not mistaken I was up there at 1:38 at 517 knots FL360. I might be wrong though, I’ll check my replays to confirm it.

Nice Vid :)

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Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Around 1:38, there were 2 others (BAVA228 & 6EVA68)

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Great video! I see locked free cam shots in the future 👀

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Thank you @Nativetoalaska! The locked free cam is going to make life so much more easier :)

Yes! Very well made. 👏🏼


Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it as well :)
About that royalty check…

Wow, we just had an successful video! In 14 hours, we already got 110 views on the video & 6 subscribers!
Thank you to everyone supporting us :)

I AM SO EXCITED TO COLLAB WITH @ran why am i screaming lol


Thanks @Texan! To many more videos to come!

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