Trio ATC Tracking Thread (Closed)


Yeah I was next to you when I took off. I was on 14R final. I was intended to follow you but for a KC-10 to handle is pretty risky just to follow a citation X. But at the end you (yourself) turned and I was instructed to left downwind so it could of ended a little worse.


In hindsight defietely should have told you right traffic.


I was planning on changing @Tom_Grollman to left downwind 14R and then have Tom cleared no. 1 for the option make right traffic 14R. Next, @Hypro_Gamer would be following Tom on left downwind no. 2 for the option make right traffic 14R. Have all planes remaining in the pattern 14R and departing 14L. Then Tom wanted to switch to RW18R, I accepted the request, so I had to improvise. I had Hypro on left crosswind 14R, you two may have collided if I cleared Hypro for the option 14R so I had no choice but to switch Hypro to 18R. Should have just told Tom unable for the runway change or Hypro cleared for takeoff right traffic.


Open: KPHX for 1 hour Tower and Ground. 👌🎥
Edit: Closed.


Oh that’s perfect! Planning a flight out of PHX now, I’ll be there soon!


That is a long haul. Have a good flight!


Open: KPSP for 1 hour Tower and Ground. 😉🎥
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Not bad at all. Just 2 pointers

When you cleared me for takeoff it was a really small gap between me and the citation x and the A318 goes faster so leave slightly more space.

The other is departure to the north, if someone request that after a pattern you send that and you just give them a frequency change approved.


Noted. Thanks for the feedback. 👍


Hey, you still open?


Just closed two minutes ago.


Well, okay then. I’ll probably open up, unless you want to open up again somewhere close together?


How bought you on KLAS and me on KDEN? Or the other way around.


I was thinking maybe a little closer. So small aircraft could have service in a small area. Like the distance from eagle county to aspen kinda.


Ok let me look around. One second.


KPAE and KSEA is a option.


If you wanted to go smaller, we could do KSEE and KRNM. Both small airports in my area. Or if you have two airports near you that you want to do that would be cool


Let’s try your idea. I’ll post it to the group thread too.


Open: KSEE for 1 hour Tower and Ground. 👌
Edit: Closed.


Open: RJTT for 1 hour Tower and Ground. 👌🎥
Edit: Closed.