Trio ATC Tracking Thread (Closed)


Want some feedback on my controlling.

The post will say “Open - Insert Airport Name” then “Edit: Closed”. You know the drill.

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Open - EDDF for 15 minutes. Pattern work, derartures, arrivals. Bring a friend. Not to many though.

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I’ll be on my way :) BJ602


Nice job controlling, besides the fact that you ordered me off of the runway even though I was "cleared for the option, but that’s the only criticism I have to offer! I was N475UA if you didn’t notice.


Right when I did that I cringed. I clicked send and saw you continue rowling then I relized I cleared you for the option. More my fault in a whole cause I didn’t wait for you to call in for landing so I could tell if you were full stop or touch and go. Butter landing though 👌.


Good controlling, sent feedback in a PM PH-1205


Haha, no worries! Thank you, that’s usually my go-to aircraft for pattern work.


Open: OMDB for 45 minutes Tower and Ground
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Awesome work! Used hold positions and sequenced everything nicely. One thing I didn’t understand though was when you gave me enter straight in rw31l rather than enter left base or downwind.


Thank you, it got kind of busy. I imagine nobody was on left downwind so I said enter straight in to signal to you that no one was on final, it was open. Was I not supposed to do that 😳🤨😨😬🙄

Edit: Watched the tutorial, no I was not. Sorry bought that.


No problem. You did great though! Only a minor mistake. It did get pretty busy towards the end aswell.


Open - KPSP Tower and Ground for 45 minutes
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Open - KJFK Tower for 1 hour
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Open: EDDF Tower and Ground open for 45 minutes. Pattern work is welcomed 👌🎥
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Open: KSFO Tower and Ground. 🎥
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Open: OMDB Tower and Ground for 15 minutes. Want to practice sequencing so pattern work is a go.
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ill come and do some pattern work, my Callsign will be HP-10, expect some feedback


Ok so there’s a few mistakes, but so far so good…

1: When you cleared me for take off and say make left you do not need to clear me for the option and say make left traffic, unless you want me to switch runways or make right traffic. Always just clear them once and just clear them for the option!

2: When I took off, 10 seconds later you issued me cleared for the option. What you should do is once their on a safe downwind leg, I advise you clear them.

3: When you issued to call my base, you do not need to clear me again for the option because the pilot should already know. Also just try to clear them once (their tag should turn green).

4: This was actually a positive response: You did good with ground control and sequencing who I should follow and I think your ground work is way on top then your tower

5: What I learned from previous people is the term “sequence and clear” meaning just sequence them then clear them! You should just clear them once.

Overall you did great for your first thread and keep practicing! As well as I am doing. I am pretty sure that you do have a shot if you keep working hard and practicing! That’s all I have today, cheers!


Thanks for all the feedback. Comprehensive. Not my best. I knew I should have cleared you or just left you alone because I think you were already cleared for the option for 31L when you were on left base and plane #2 (forget his callsign) was on right base. Continually learning.


Open: VHHH for 20 minutes. Good morning if you live EST or if you just woke up.
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