Trinidad Scenery Detail Missing

So I flew into Piarco International (TTPP) from Juliana (TNCM) and on approach, I noticed the terrain elevation (hills etc) were all there but the entire airport and its surrounded areas didn’t have any scenery detail unlike all the other places. It was just bland green everywhere around the airport and the island. I then try to fly out of Crown Point (TTCP) which is a neighbouring island in Trinidad and it had the scenery detail. I tried clearing the scenery cache and restarting the app but the same thing keeps happening.

Trinidad and Tobago

Crown Point (Trinidad and Tobago)

Edit: I see what you mean now. Is this correct? I believe that this is somehow linked to the fact that neighboring South America doesn’t have 15m HD Scenery at the moment.


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That is what I saw when I tried to spawn in. I believe it isn’t currently covered in the 15m scenery yet.

As of today this is all thats covered :) But elevation and terrain should sill be there unless you are above the 60 parallel north