Trini Flyout (Completed)

Thanks @AirCanada11 for hosting!! 6 hrs to Beutiful Houston Texas

I’m off to…I actually don’t know lol. Anyways for your first time hosting an event @AirCanada11 it went incredibly well!

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Nooooo my phone died 😫😫😫

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Your welcome everyone looking forward to pics

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@Butter575 you have a conection in ST Lucia and then to EGLL

No Saint Lucia

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Your going the right way

I was heading to Point-a-Pietrie lol

Thank You everyone for a great flyout don’t forget to check out other flyouts
Some are



Can you add my massive Minnianpolis event

Ok @United403 sorry bout that


Here are a few pics I got from the event:

@AirCanada11 taking off runway 10

@Butter575 taxiing onto runway 10

Me holding short runway 10

@United403 taxiing with me in the background


Nice pictures. @Shivaan_Maharaj is @AirCanada11 btw.

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Oh my bad… I’ll fix that.

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I’m diverting to Miami

Because I’m joining another event in an hour on the training Server


And now going around because I floated

I’m so sorry because I didn’t join your this event please forgive me 🙏🙏🙏

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Its ok @zykejohn09

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