Trini Flyout (Completed)

Welcome to the beautiful Island of Trinidad and Tobago this event will be lots of fun and it will be hosted by me AirCanada11! I hope you can join.

Please Spawn at TTPP and thia event is on training server


Gate 1 Caribbean Airlines B738- TBPB
Gate 2 Caribbean Airlines B738- TNCM Wonderousbuilder641
Gate 3 Caribbean Airlines B738- KMIA Starz
Gate 4 Caribbean Airlines B737- KMCO AmericanB738
Gate 5 Caribbean Airlines B738- KJFK
Gate 6 Caribbean Airlines B738- SYCJ Cryptronic11
Gate 7 Caribbean Airlines B738- CYYZ AirCanada11
Gate 8 Caribbean Airlines B738-KFLL
Gate 9 American Airlines B738- KMIA flyin_hawaiian
Gate 10 United Airlines B738- KIAH United403
Gate 11 Jetblue Airways A320- KJFK Aviator1
Gate 12 Copa Airlines B738- MPTO
Gate 13 KLM 777- 300ER- EHAM Generic_Flyer
Gate 14 Britsh Airways 777-200ER- TLPL-EGLL Butter575
Gate 15 Air Canada (generic) B738- CYYZ
Gate 16 Caribbean Airlines ATR-72(Dash 8 Generic) TTCP
Gate 17Caribbean Airlines ATR-72(Dash 8 Generic) TTCP


Stand 14 DHL Cessena 208 Caravan-TGPY
Stand 12 DHL Cessena 208 Caravan-TTCP
Stand 10 DHL Cessena 208 Caravan-SVGI
Stand 8 DHL 777F- MMUN zykejohn09
Stand 6 Amerijet(generic) 757-KMIA
Stand 4 Amerijet(generic) 757-TBPB
Stand 2 Amerijet(generic) 757- SYJC


Ground: Aviation_J_YT
Tower: Aviation_J_YT
Departure: Jayden_Castillo
Hope that you can attend and canโ€™t wait to see you!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Be sure to check out sone other flyouts here is one 21SEP22 / 1730Z - KTUS air show! @KTUS


This please

Ok your signed up @Avaitor1

My I help with this

Yes thanks for helping @Aviation_Jerry

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Iโ€™ll take gate 2 flying Caribbean Airlines B738 to TNCM.

Can I fly a Carribbean B738 to KMCO please

Ok great thanks for flying

Thank you!

Could I please take gate 10

Nice event @AirCanada11. Iโ€™ll take this one

That is a connection flight @Butter575

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Yes @United403 and @Butter575 your signed up

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Lets get some more signups

Lets get some more signups

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Lets get some more signups

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Lets Get some more signups

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Could I do ATC Departure

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^ please! havenโ€™t been to an event in a while


Yes @Starz coming right up

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