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I have flown in IF since back in 2014 (with some breaks along the way) and always wondered; how do you use trim properly and what is the benefit of using it? I never use it in fear of messing up the aircraft and making life more difficult. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Trim is like editing the default elevator so you can pull up or push your nose down easier.

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Nope, it didn’t. It’s still open.

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So how do I know whether I need negative or positive trim. When is it useful?

Negative is downwards. Positive is upwards. It’s pretty useful when for example you have put down your flaps and you’re beginning to pull up because of that. You’d put down your trim slightly to combat it and be stable.

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Personally for trim I like to use 50% trim on planes like the A330, B777 ect. if they are above the MLW. 35% for smaller planes and if im not above MLW 35% or trim on heavies or 15-20% on smaller planes but for the DC-10 or MD11 i use 60% all the time
So thats the advice that I would give

I only use trim for jet like crj’s and the 717.

There is a little magenta line in the trim section, just up or down until that line disappears. Just be careful as trim can change with weight and stuff.

It all comes down to personal preference and what feels comfortable and flyable to you. In general, when I fly (only commercial airliners btw) I keep 15-20% on take off and 10% on landing. In between that I use 0%.

I usually use 10 to 20% it help on climb and descent. Make a test:when you manually climbing set +10% trim, It u Make your climb easier. Trim reduces the pressure on stabilizer.
Negative trim, ill help on descent, positive trim ill help on climb. For descent for example i set 0. And when i set flaps i Will reducing trim like -5, -9… I Hope i can help u

The best one I’ve heard and used in 15% trim at takeoff and 5% trim during landing

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