Trim settings

How much trim i should set for 777 300ER during landing i set 30% but it touch down lit bit late nose remain little bit up and also for A380 suggest me trim settings for both big planes


Hello @Kamran,

You can find all the landing information here on this topic below. Hope this helps!

Reading their post, it appears that they have seen that topic, hence where the 30% that they wrote came from.

To answer your question, there isn’t a one trim fits all scenario for each aircraft. There are factors such as weight and speed that affect the recommended trim of a plane. For this, I would experiment with different settings to see what works best for you.

Since you said that you tend to land late with 30% trim, it may be too high for you. I’d lower it to 25% to see if that helps; if it is still too much, you can reduce it again. If you’re landing too early, I would then recommend raising it.

I’m with you though, I’m experimenting myself to see what works with me

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