Trim Settings Upon Takeoff 777F MTOW

Hey fellow aviators, having a bit of a conundrum with my trim setting. I am asking you, what should my trim be for a 777F near/just under MTOW. I’ve noticed in the last with low trim, its sluggish to get off the ground, but with high trim it rotates too soon (no back pressure) and the climb performance is terrible until I reach V2. Highest trim i used was 25/30%

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maybe try checking out #UserGuide and using @Tyler_Shelton’s trim on his takeoff tutorial and using that as a reference.

This isn’t a post for Support. Topics there are for fundamental issues with the app such as crashes among other issues. Flight related issues can remain in General.


Hey @Ryandyc 👋

My Configuration is 50% trim , < 100% N1 Take off Thrust… not 100% on the leveler . And Flaps 15 .

My advice for you , maybe you find the right setting for you in the Solo Mode … :)

thanks for catching that!

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