Trim Setting for Takeoff


Now I have been flying for a very long time, raking up around 5,500 hours on the sim over a mere three years. However, this doesn’t mean that old (or new) dogs can’t learn new trick! I recently found out that pilots actually set trim upon takeoff in addition to in flight. I have been setting inflight trim as necessary, but I have never set takeoff trim.

My question is: how do you know how much trim to use during takeoff for the aircraft you are flying? Since there is no pink bar to indicate this, it makes it kind of hard to tell.

Thanks, and safe/healthy flying! 😄

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Unfortunately this is a duplicate topic. See here:

You can also see some tutorials here:


It’s depends on the aircraft like MD11 uses more trim then A320 on takeoff 🙃

Ok will give these a look! But does anybody have the numbers for the newer models, like the a350s or other?

A350 takeoff around 15%-25%
Don’t know for landing :(

This is what @Levet said a while back: Don’t forget some positive trim too. I found that the 350 likes 25-30% positive trim for takeoffs and landing. Check out the new tutorial for 19.4’s release too.


Sometimes, you just need to play around. Take-off and land it a few times, and you’ll find whatever works for you.

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