Trim problems

Been flying for a while now, all the sudden I can’t stay in the air, what’s wrong?


How heavy are you making your planes, are they above MTOW (max takeoff weight?)

Can you explain the problem a little more?

Are you basically falling out of the sky?

I’ll lighten the load as for as cargo and passengers, but yet I’ll go into a stall

What altitude are you at when this happens?

Have you tried re-calibrating when this happens?

Also what aircraft are you using when this happens? Is it all planes or just a specific one?

I’ll be about 20.000 feet, and no i haven’t tried calibrating

What aircraft? And are you using autopilot?

Have you looked at the yoke when this happens to see if it angles down or if your plane goes down for no reason. Also, do you know how to calibrate?

Bombardier CRJ-700

I’ll use auto pilot when I’m stable

So does this problem occur when you are hand-flying or on autopilot?

Auto pilot

It your ALT autopilot on or off? What about your vertical speed autopilot?

Question, what does my trim needs to be

Okay, so you aren’t having issues with the plane, but you’re trying to figure out what trim setting to use?

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I’m having the problem, just need to fix what’s wrong

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Vertical speed will drop before I’m at my set attitude